Kansas City Radio Daze Remembered

Streaming music and stations designed by way of artificial intelligence have replaced the outdated terrestrial radio disk jockey.

Still, this local media personality was one of the best locals who volunteered a great deal of his time and wasn't as egotistical as the rest.

His perspective is worth a listen . . .

Randy Miller talks about new book, why Kansas City radio will never be what it was

Randy Miller was one of the most popular voices on Kansas City radio during parts of the 1980s and '90s.He is still on the radio and spoke with KMBC's Kris Ketz about the old days, his new book and where radio is going."I tell people all the time, we did our thing at the right time," Miller said.All that fun drew a big audience.For years, Miller pushed radio's envelope."Do you miss the old days?"


  1. The net changed terrestrial radio every where Randy, duh. I say this while listening to an FM stereo broadcast. Love FM radio, it takes the edge off the compact disc sound, a nice analog vibe. KC is blessed with many fine public stations. Go left of 92.0 for those new to FM. Enjoy.

  2. What's a radio?


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