Kansas City Pushes Back Against Haters Targeting AAPI Community

Here's the best story hipsters wrote this week . . . A worthwhile sign that this cowtown isn't willing to sacrifice our neighbors to garbage partisan politics.

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How the national rise in anti-Asian attacks have reverberated in KC

The Atlanta shootings last month joined a list of 3,794 other instances of violence against Asian Americans within the last year, leaving many Asian-owned businesses to face what that means for them. // Image courtesy of Sura Eats In March of 2020, when COVID-19 became a new and increasingly evident threat in the United States, chef Keeyoung Kim faced a...


  1. The blacks hate Asians, that’s why they beat on them all the time.

    Blacks are racist A.F.

  2. And one reason is because Asians, also a "minority of color", when compared to blacks except in basketball, demonstrate achievement unapproachable by blacks.

    They want them under their VICTIM tent, but the Asians want no part of that crap, thus resentment for being showed up.

  3. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY4/17/21, 3:17 AM

    Ever wonder?
    Surely Asians know who is overwhelmingly responsible for attacks on them. No matter what media say, and how often they say it, Asians know the truth.

    So, tell me then, why don't they push back on the false narrative?

    First, Asians know NOT all blacks are attacking them. Not yet. The last thing Asians want is for all blacks to know the attacks are a black thing, NOT white.


    Because if blacks know it's a black thing, then more blacks will join the attacks. More whites thinking believing the media 's false narrative that it's a white thing doesn't increase attacks one iota.

    That's white privilege and American individualism at work. They're not burdened down by the community groupthink, only restrained by societal standards. Asians can rely on that. Asians can also rely on the black herd mentality adapting to violent role models if they are given a higher-profile.

  4. 12:57 nailed it. Blacks hate everyone in general. Unless you act like an animal, achieve like a sloth and live in your own waste. Then you are one Kool Gangsta mutha fucka. 5 k dollar rims and all. Get ya sum in dat Killa city bitches.

  5. Cnn was going to run a story on whitey attacking Asians and found out it’s the blacks doing it and refused to tell the story because.... blm that’s why, they support the racist terrorist group blm and the “optics” would look bad.

  6. CNN and BLM are a cancers in America. They are trying to destroy all that is good about America. They hate Whites and they hate Asians. Whites do not hate Asians as they lift our country up in intelligence because their family structure believes in education and respect. Two things many in America have forgotten or never knew. It isn't white privilege or Asian privilege it's American privileges and if you want it you have to stay in school, well first go to school, and learn. Oh and have families not just baby mama's and for God's sake act like a normal human being. Normal humans don't carry guns in our falling down pants.

  7. Yes, blacks are always caught on video doing hate crimes , violent crimes to other races and murders to other races. Ironically they are never Racist nor are their countless acts of violence and thousands of murders. BLM , the media mentioned above and soccer moms with ace of heart ankle tats tell us so.


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