Kansas City Public Schools Stay Losing Cash

As the metro hopes for an economic rebound, here's a reminder that youngsters remain on the losing end of irrational exuberance over development.

Even worse . . . In the debate over public vs. charter, the political power struggle rarely demonstrates much concern for youngsters trapped in the provisionally accredited district.

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Kansas City Public Schools lose millions when developers get tax breaks

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  1. Wow what a startling revelation. Figured the star might break a huge news story like this.


  2. No this is BS the Public schools get most of your tax dollars. They need to learn how to stop wasting money and stop robbing people who can't even send their kids to school because it's so bad.

  3. Money or not the kids in the KCSD will still be thugs and dumber than a box of rocks.

  4. Lack of cash isn't the problem in the KCPD. They are nicely funded compared to other metro districts. You still have to get the kids to school on a consistent basis for them to learn.


  5. Kansas and Missouri legislators need to pass a bill to allow parents to take a tax credit for private tuition bills since their kids are not using tax-payer funded public school services.

    Public schools are indoctrination centers for Marxism. They have totally lost their moral compass and their strategic goal of reading, writing and arithmetic.

  6. No, Kansas and Missouri both need to pass a bill that prevents any Governmental or quasi-Governmental agency or body giving Developers any Tax Incentives hat include taxes owed to any other group. In other words, make it only legal for 12th & Oak to give aay City taxes, not County, School, Library, or any other.

    That means, Mayor and Accomplices, you would only be able to shit in your own nests, not in the nests of those who actually DO something with the Tax Money they receive.

  7. Even a kcps graduate can do that math


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