Kansas City Progressives Demand Continued Police Reform After Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Social media is clogged with amateur pundits chattering and bullying their friends & relatives. They're basically just typing the garbage designed for them by CNN & MSNBC

However, tonight, this local scribe pens something just a bit more complex and her argument is worth consideration given that it will inform the local discourse moving forward.

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George Floyd's death changed KC. After Chauvin's conviction, we're reminded that we can never go back

Chauvin taken away in handcuffs after conviction. // Via courtroom livestream. In the months since police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd on a Minneapolis sidewalk, a new generation of activists and leaders has taken rise in Kansas City. So we turn to one of their number, the group that calls itself Black Rainbow, for a response to the news...


  1. I support Police Chief Smith get rid of Mayor Lucas.

  2. ^^^


  3. Barbara Shelly is a FAR-LEFT LIBERAL DEMOCRAT pining for the days when she wrote for The Kansas City Star editorial board and someone still read a newspaper and cared about unsigned editorials.

    Those days have long since passed.

    "George Floyd’s death changed KC." This a lie. It may have changed Minneapolis, but not KCMO which is more than 400 miles away. Barb Shelly, your road atlas called.

    "After Chauvin’s conviction, we’re reminded that we can never go back." This is unclear and confusing...kind of like Barbara Shelly herself.

    "In the months since police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd on a Minneapolis sidewalk..." Shelly obviously is operating without the facts of the case. Even if she incorrectly believes a murder occurred, it certainly did not take place on a sidewalk. Facts matter.

    Barbara Shelly is an old White Liberal self-hater, who made a career not uniting people of different backgrounds, but fomenting violence and toxic attitudes which serve only to keep people separated, fearful, and ignorant.

  4. justice for intergenerational trauma takes a long time to heal when many 'new jim crow' policies are around. That said, there are many omissions in the story, including how many police have been shot in the past couple of years. Narrative needs more depth.

  5. Byron Funkhouser4/21/21, 3:24 AM

    There are a lot of folks who would like the police to disappear. The black bad actors would be very sorry in short order, and begging the cops to return.

  6. if the depth of the current publicized narrative stays as is, the conflict will be prolonged. The jobs program be worked on will hopefully help and is one of many aspects that fit into the narrative but is not really publicized as such.

  7. prison/jail specifically for drug abusers, another positive development.......

  8. The change KCMO should be working on and hoping desperately for is for the horrendous murder rate in the little town of less than 500K to be decreased to a point to where it isn't around half the homicides in New York City, which has a population 17 times the size.
    And around 90% of the victims and perpetrators are black.
    Year after year after year.
    The vast majority of individuals killed by police are resisting arrest, fleeing the cops, or even firing a weapon.
    All of which were demonstrated in the latest incidents.
    Self-destructive behavior has consequences.
    Good ideas for the next of Barb's columns.

  9. Keep whining libs. It's what you do best.


  10. So why not reform the black people in our country who threatened the witnesses, jurors, and entire cities? What about that? Are we to live with the black terrorists in our country now who get by with terrorism? Is that what we have become? Even professional business people have said they won't even look at black people let alone talk to one or do business with them. Yes DC did wrong but the threats from black people were no better than DC is. Black people are just like DC maybe even worse.

  11. Keep Smith and lose Lucas. He worthless and a snake.


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