Kansas City Police Standoff Ends Peacefully

We notice standoffs are trending locally as law enforcement have been confronting dangerous situations cautiously as of late. 

Here's the latest local incident that, thankfully, ended without anyone permanently injured.

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OP 100/Police Stand-off 11100 block of Ambassador

This morning just after 8am, our officers received a call to assist deputies with the Clay County Sheriff’s Department.  Clay County deputies received information about a suspect who was wanted for felony warrants who was at the Days Inn at 11120 N Ambassador Drive.  When deputies arrived to the area the suspect fled on foot and barricaded himself inside the hotel.

A standoff was called to bring more tactical resources and negotiators to the scene.

Officers contacted hotel management and several guests to evacuate them safely.

Negotiators did make contact with the suspect and continued to speak with him.  The suspect has peacefully surrendered and has been taken into custody.


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