Kansas City Vigils Mourn Police Killing

Local anti-police activists step up their mobilization efforts as a solemn rally on a dark Spring night offers a glimpse at Kansas City demonstrators closely watching the increasingly divisive debate over the future of American law enforcement. 

Kansas City Faith Leaders Demand Justice On Sunday

A call for justice stretches across the miles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The call for justice in the death of Daunte Wright continues to gain momentum. The Black man was killed during a traffic stop one week ago in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. 500 miles away in Kansas City, Missouri a vigil for Wright and other victims of police brutality was held.

Kansas City Names The Dead

Black Rainbow Kansas City holds candlelight vigil to honor Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 100 people gathered at Swope Park Sunday night to stand in solidarity with victims of police violence. And nearly one year after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, many attendees don't believe much has changed.

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  1. R.I.P. John Albers. It happens to white people Too.

    1. ^^^


      Don't co-opt the grief of others. Mind your business and hope to avoid tragedy if you can. Teach your kids to do the same and you might get lucky and life a reasonably happy life. Protests are for suckers.

  2. How not to get shot by police.

    1. Obey the law-
    2. Listen to the police instructions
    3. Dont resist arrest and don't leave the scene
    4. If you want to be treated respectfully, act the way you want to be treated

    Simple things you should learn in kindergarten - black white brown yellow isn't the issue folks

  3. how many police chiefs does minneapolis have? Police Chief Medaria Arradondo Police Chief Tim Gannon. Is city center a different town? Or was gannon given more control at some point?

  4. like getting shot in gladstone i guess

  5. more black female porn actresses, that will help.

  6. Just take into account that most of these "activists" are from either KCMO's east side where people murder each other with reckless abandon, or from the suburbs where residents cooperate with the police and help keep their neighborhoods safe and secure.
    It's beyond belief that in KCMO, with almost half as many homicides as New York City year after year, which has a population 17 times the size, people from the very neighborhoods that that carnage is taking place is so clueless that they march around and protest events taking place in other parts of the country.
    The ultimate example of blaming others for their dysfunction and problems.

  7. 624 is spot on. 32/46 homicide victims in KCMO this year so far are black but these vigils and “activists” never mention their names or any of the local violence that happens daily in their own neighborhoods. That Alonzo and pat Clark guy seems to be the only one talking about it but they are silenced by the local media

  8. ^^and yet they don't need to mention it, because we have mouth-breathing retards like you who never shut up about it. How about that fucktard?

    1. Oh Dr. Chimpy. You talk do much about retards but we know you can't count much past 20! Lolol

  9. Teach your kids "Comply, don't DIE!!!! It's that simple.
    Black, white yellow, tan, purple, blue, WTF ever, it doesn't matter.

    99.9% of the little shitheads that catch cop lead, are trying to run or assaulting cops with anything under the sun they can get their hands on...
    Comply, don't DIE!!! It's that simple.
    If you aren't doing anything wrong why are you fighting or running from the cops? It only makes you look guilty when you pull shit like that.

  10. ^^and yet there are MANY, MANY, instances of folks complying with the police and being shot dead. Weird.

  11. @12:58, nope, he can't count past 19 after that one single time his mom let him try the miter saw.


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