Kansas City 'Playbook' Coming Soon

Here's 12th & Oak pretending to listen . . .

"We want your thoughts on Land Use for the #KCPlaybook! Land Use impacts available housing options in your neighborhood, placement of sidewalks & pedestrian areas & more. What land use would make travel easier & more convenient for you?"

Tell us here . . .

KCMO: Transportation and Land Use

You decide . . .


  1. How about just getting rid of the bums and repaving streets. Fix sewers.
    This is all just more fucking hype from the dims. The city promised to fix sidewalks years ago. Nothin'. Bullshit for the sheeple.

  2. ^^OK simp, then why are you still here? How come you haven't moved yet you fucking sheep?

  3. .........Warning!! Whoop!! Whoop!! Warning!! Whoop!! Whoop!! Warning!!

    Unemployed gay momma's basement BLM imbecile or tree dwelling fat flea eating bonobo Chimpy libtard troll, is awake and active.


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