Kansas City Plants Seed To Save Planet

Our favorite #TBT old school hottie Jordan, obviously, loves the planet and her dedication to environmentalism inspires this quick local peek at local activists digging deep.

Check-it . . .

Earth Day 2021: A Tree A Day Could Help Keep Climate Change At Bay

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  1. The current electric grid can only handle charging 2 electric cars per 30 households. Biden is even dumber than we think he is, if that is possible ?

  2. How can anyone possibly get upset with something as innocent as planting trees? Damn, EVERYTHING has to be so political these days.

  3. That Jordan has a spectacular set of tits. I’d screw her deep and hard all night.

  4. Most of these Climate Doomsayers have never planted a tree, grass seed, or a garden in their life.

    Bunch of academic professor shitheads that don't know the right side of the shovel to use.


  5. Who wears a fucking mask and safety vests to plant a tree?

    Might as well slap on a dress, apron and hair net as well you stupid fucking tree-huggers.


  6. Tomorrow, Jan Psaki will be telling everyone at the press conferences that Joe Biden is the next fucking Johnny Appleseed and he is saving the rainforest.

    You realize that stupid fuck Biden has only had one scripted press conference.

    Trump would have a press conference everyday and answer questions from the media hyenas.

    Trump was like the Lion King battling 50 Communist Hyenas from the press corp.


  7. These two piss ants failing at planting a tree should stick to planting daffodils.

  8. The douchebag in the orange vest is probably a Botany Professor that doesn't know a Maple Tree from a pitch fork up his ass.

  9. Why is the green vest guy's knees all muddy ?

    Was he giving orange vest guy a blow job before the tree was planted ?


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