Kansas City Outdoor Hipster Picnic Movie Night At The Museum Coming Soon

The really illusion is pretending to enjoy this pandemic outing . . . Also looking for a restroom.

Check-it . . .

Nelson-Atkins Debuts An Outdoor Cinema-Tivoli Under the Stars - In Kansas City

Big news from The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Tivoli Under the Stars debuts on Friday, May 7 for a 23-week run, with the final film being shown on Friday, October 8th. The new Friday evening outdoor cinema will offer a variety of films for movie-lovers of all ages. How will it work?


  1. If hipster means watching A Princess Bride against a prefab storage shed the call us Williamsburg Brooklyn I guess.

  2. I hope they plan on being inclusive and play films by Martin Lawrence, spike Lee, and others featuring rap and gang culture to attract youths from the neighborhood. Otherwise we will shut them down because they are racist chuds.

  3. 6:06 Exactly. If we can't see "Do The Right Thing", where black people burn down an Italian restaurant because it has pictures of Italians and no pictures of Malcom X, then we just won't understand how evil the white patriarchy is and that should be the point of everything, every day in everything we do.

    By the way, I was so disappointed that Spike Lee didn't follow up with a Sequel. It would of been, of course, how evil it was that after chasing out all of the restaurants and the evil white people who owned them, there was, and, this is shocking, a "Food Desert". Finally, after heroic struggles and, of course, more burning, looting and violence, the government forced tax payers to build grocery stores to "Keep Hope Alive!!!!!!!!"

    Such a great ending where art really does imitate life.


  4. You all know the nelson is anti police so if anything happens they don't want the police around. Not good. If you value family it would be better to stay away.

  5. My god, what an unhappy and sour group of people on here. It's a simple outdoors movie night, a way for people to enjoy a little interaction and something different. How can any decent person have an issue with something so benign?

    There showing Night at the Museum, Star Wars, and such... nothing controversial. While I am normally entertained by Chuck's ramblings and the boogeymen he sees around every corner, he's so far from anything resembling relevant thought on this one that you have to say SHUT THE FUCK UP CHUCK.

  6. 9:17 is right. An outdoor movie and people are instantly triggered. I feel sorry for people that sit at the same dinner table.


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