As the economic toll of COVID continues to plague Kansas City, our blog community works to secure opportunities for readers. 

Accordingly . . .


Sadly, a KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTER seems skeptical.

Here's the word: 

"Is KCMO adding a social justice screener to its public works permitting? 

Why is an eco devo fluff job like this within the public works / permitting department? 

Are public works budget dollars getting sucked up into positions like this one? Instead of streets and potholes and basic services?"

These are all great questions that won't ever be answered by city hall.

And so, merely share the job listing and hope that lucky readers with the right skillz/connections can earn decent cash with this b.s. job:


Pay,Benefits, & Work Schedule

Full-time position available with the Public Works Department, Permits Division located at 414 East 12th Street
Salary Range: $4,945-$8,833/month
Normal Work Days/Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Application Deadline Date: April 19, 2021


Directs and coordinates professional, technical, and clerical personnel engaged in assessing the economic and/or social implications of development proposals, land-use plans, zoning issues, socio-economic programs and urban public policy matters having development implications.  

Supervises staff involvement with community groups which have a major interest in planning and development decisions. Supervises staff or serves on multi-discipline teams assigned specific planning or development tasks. Supervises analysis and recommendations relative to current development matters. 

Performs research and analysis for the more complex projects and presents findings and recommendations at public meetings. Speaks before professional, civic, and neighborhood organizations on various development subjects. Advises subordinate personnel in solving difficult assignments, reviewing objectives, methodology, and results of assigned programs. Assists the Director and Assistant Director in the formulation of social and economic development programs. Prepares and reviews program time, cost estimates, program schedules, and general work programs. Assists in the development of departmental objectives and policies through consultation with the Director, Assistant Director, and other division heads. Performs related duties as required.


REQUIRES an accredited Bachelor’s degree in economics, sociology, multi-disciplinary social science or urban affairs, city planning, public or business administration, engineering, architecture or a related field and 8 (OR an accredited Master’s degree in the mentioned fields and 6) years of progressively responsible professional experience in social or economic development, with at least 2 years at the level of the City's Development Specialist II; OR an equivalent combination of qualifying education and experience.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said…
great job. And actually the starting time isn't really till around noon.

Trainees must bring their own pillow.
Anonymous said…
Mayor Lucas, this is ridiculous, start being a real mayor for ALL of kansas city rather than a few special interest groups.
Anonymous said…
Another make-work jobs program.
KCMO city government doesn't have anywhere near enough of these already.
Will report to no one in particular, have no real responsibilities, performance standards, or accountability.
KCMO has become a social services academic experiment run by a clueless fake "professor".
And all at taxpayer expense.
You really can't make this stuff up!
Anonymous said…
Beats being a grant writer, now there's a job for the brain dead.
Anonymous said…
So the Development Specialist has to have expertise but the Public Works Director just has to fuck a City Clowncil member?
Anonymous said…
^^^ bingo!
Anonymous said…
Word on the street is the neighborhoods dept is being swallowed up by public works, now theres going to be more lazy fucks doing nothing at public works. John woods and his sidekick bitch will be fired now so that’s a good thing!
Byron Funkhouser said…
It's a good thing math is racissst. The new position will not require 2+2=4.

Any calculations results will simply be from the "perspective" of the person doing the "new" math, and therefore determined accurate.

Of course, most of us know this is just a way to eliminate exposing the stupidity of those folks advocating it.

The 1619 protocol will provide us confidence in the KCPS grads who may enter local administration positions in the future.
KC said…
Any job ad that contains "serves on multi-discipline teams" is a bull shit position.

They left out: Whites need not apply.
Anonymous said…
I did not make the comment at 9:27.
Anonymous said…
I have a shovel I can lean on ,does that count
Anonymous said…
Any job that requires a degree in sociology OR engineering has likely not been well thought out by the employer. But the posting includes a degree in "a related field," so grievance studies majors won't feel left out.