Saturday, April 17, 2021

Kansas City Northeast Real Estate Redux

Impressive urban core restoration pix as home improvement gurus reclaim a historic local home.

Take a look . . .

A Story 134 Years In The Making

3242 Norledge Avenue, built 1887 now being totally renovated. Original owner Ann Eliza Scarritt Hendrix daughter of Rev. Nathan Scarritt. Some sources list her name as Annie Elizabeth. Owner Bishop Eugene Russell Hendrix, shown standing in front of the house. The couple had four children; Evangeline Isabel, Mary Matilda, Nathan Scarritt, and Helen Chick Hendrix.


chuck said...

Great story, great house, great pics. Wanna see the finished product!

One fuckin bathroom!!!!???!!!

Anonymous said...

Current owner musta bought a lot of Bitcoin early.

Anonymous said...

^^ probably a Pet project for an Accessory wife with more money than brains. Most likely Another project to sell at a great loss in 5 years. "i watched HTV"..