Kansas City 'Non-Profit' News Litters This Cowtown In Partisan Garbage

The death of dead-tree media offers a surplus of trash content hoping to garner influence and donations in order to spew biased propaganda in service of hapless politicos and sketchy statehouse agendas.

Thankfully, it's not working because most locals would rather fight about bigger issues on cable news OR spy on their  frenemies via social media.

And this brings us to the cover story from the Kansas City star that absolutely NOBODY cares about . . . Check the free version rather than dealing with the paywall:

Kansas City businesses haunted by redlining legacy amid the pandemic

The piece is thoughtful, well-researched and brilliantly written but it might as well have been published on Mars for all of the impact it has locally. 

Sorry, I didn't make it through 3000 words of this tripe but somehow I'm sure the punchline is that all of this is the fault of former Prez Trump or your racist dad who didn't let you pursue a degree is post-modern theater on his dime. 

Either way . . . Shouting racism about policy that was abolished more than half a century ago isn't that fascinating for most readers. 

Thing is . . . This kind of content doesn't need reader support. There's an endless pool of corporate cash and big money progressive donors to keep this kind of hype afloat. 

On the other side, billionaire conservative corporate titans keep a few of their own hacks employed with equally worthless right-wing sites that also don't have a great deal of entertainment value. 

The last we heard right-wing Kansas scribes were fighting with the Kansas Col. Sanders doppelganger over a misplaced decimal point. 

So what's a Kansas City newshound to do??? 

Please tell us whilst we pretend to watch the Oscars. 

You decide . . .


  1. Hey now, if I want to read garbage. I'll read TKC.


  2. I don't believe in anything and that's why I read TKC.

  3. You believe in racism and hatred and conspiracy theories Greaseo because you do such a GREAT job moderating the comments.

  4. Garbage news for a garbage town, what else did you expect?

  5. I'm going to start The Chucklowe Chronicle, it'll be brimming with effusive chicanery and lepodoptic pedantic attuned to the psyche of my histrachian filomaters.

    1. There’s a scene in the movie “Amadeus “ where the king critiqued Mozart’s music as having “..to many notes”
      In writing, as in music, some people just can’t keep up unless it’s brought down to their level

  6. Hey, don' mock Chuck, he can't help it, the Thesaurus he downloaded has taken over his Apple 2 completely ever since he dialed the Loquatiometer up to "11`"!

  7. I'm sure The Star will follow up this story - speaking truth to power and spearheading the never-ending quest for social justic - by doing a hard hitting piece on lingering PTSD from the Battle of Westport

  8. Interested in what this article has to say but don't have the time or inclination to read through it? Let us slake (didn't even have to use Chuck's thesaurus for that one) your curiosity with a short summary.

    1. Small businesses East of Troost received 17% fewer PPP loans than they should have according to a well-reasoned system of metrics. There's another entire article explaining this for those with a spirit of inquiry for such actualities.

    2. Said deficiency is a residual aftermath of redlining which occurred 90 years ago.

    3. Did anyone mention redlining? If not, you heard it here first. The cause of the disparity in PPP loans is redlining.

    4. Are you fond of writing which apportions blame for financial inequality to redlining? Jackpot!

    5. Interspersed throughout the article are various statements regarding the PPP loans, such as:

    “I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to be eligible,” he said. He kept hearing references to payroll, and he doesn’t have employees, so he didn’t apply.

    “I don’t know anyone that applied for it,” said Answer, the pastor, who lives in that ZIP code.

    Many didn’t apply at all, in most cases because they hadn’t heard about it.

    These are to be ignored. If not ignored, the obvious reason behind the lack of applications for the PPP loans is redlining. It's all irrelevant because only redlining could be the cause of PPP loan distribution imbalances.

    6. Redlining.

    1. Businesses east of Troost are less likely to have a CPA or a strong banking relationship. Both of those things are very helpful in taking advantage of the PPP. Just because something has a disparate impact does not make it prima face racist. Look for real solutions, not simplistic explanations.

  9. ^^^ Good comment. Thank you!

  10. The Star prefers simplistic solutions that fit their woke narrative. Their reporters could not begin to comprehend anything more complicated than that.


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