Friday, April 09, 2021

Kansas City News Forced To Honor Hottie Heiress Gracie Hunt

Please tell some of the other candidates in this contest that capitalism is fair.

Don't get it twisted . . . As fun as it might sound, we aren't trying summon the ghost of Hugo Chavez for a socialist fiesta.

Nevertheless, it doesn't make any sense for broke-ass people to sing the praises of their rulers unless there's cutting a check.

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Gracie Hunt, daughter of Chiefs owner, set to compete in Miss Kansas, carve her own path

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You may know Gracie Hunt as the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and the granddaughter of Lamar Hunt, founder of the Chiefs and the man who helped shape the NFL into what it is today.


Anonymous said...

If she loses I'm sure daddy will buy her a new tennis pro or pool boy.

Anonymous said...

She is hot. So is her Mom....

Anonymous said...

Hot woman carves her own path by entering beauty pageant.

News at 11.

Anonymous said...

isn't anyone going to ask if mahomes and clark talk about their favorite brand of shoes?

Anonymous said...

So how big is her ass?
That seems to be the ony standard with which to judge beauty these days.

Anonymous said...

So much potential.
Bless her heart.

Anonymous said...

How much do you think Fox4's Jessica Eley got paid to write this promotional article?

Did you know that Gracie Hunt is a VICTIM?

Did you hear her almost get choked up (acting) when describing her 4th concussion, which forced her to retire from the school soccer team?

Did you hear her say that she has Celiac Disease?

Did you see her pictured competing for the Miss Texas title?

Do you know that she took some virtual classes at KU to qualify to compete in the Miss Kansas pageant? (competition is much easier in KS versus TX)