Kansas City Museum Moves Forward

This is one of the most underrated institutions in Kansas City that, thankfully, moves one step closer to securing funding after renovation.

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Kansas City Museum one step closer to foundation oversight

The Kansas City Museum continues the journey toward foundation management as the Kansas City, Mo., City Council approved an agreement with the Kansas City Museum Foundation (KCMF) to manage, operate and maintain the Kansas City Museum on April 15.


  1. Sad to say but the KC museum needs to close up for good. We have had two racist black mayors who don't know a thing about history and have made our city into a black only city full of crime and racism. Northeast being the best part of KC and rich with History will never go anywhere but further down. One of the best houses on Gladstone Blvd is owned by a shady CA CO. and is a meth lab. What kind of an idiot would let this happen?

  2. I agree that KC Museum should close. There are too many better alternatives. Maybe Mahomes can use the building as his trophy room?

  3. Tony, not sure how it's securing funding. The City is writing it off their books! They get the Museum levy, which they would have received anyway. But the way I read this, all other expenses have to be funded elsewhere... Looks like a planned bankruptcy.

  4. Be a hell of an estate sale !!!

  5. If they need to manage their foundation why not call Otto Fleck of Dry Basement??


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