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Prez Helps NextGen

Kansas City-area child care centers express optimism about Biden's American Families Plan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Biden announced the American Families Plan on Wednesday, a $1.8-trillion plan to invest in childhood education through an extensive list of social programs to help families of all income levels. "We talk very cavalierly about children being our future," United Inner City Services CEO Deidre Anderson said.

County Vaxx Progress Report

How Much Of Jackson County Population Is Vaccinated?

KANSAS CITY, MO - The pace of coronavirus vaccinations has slowed somewhat in the United States., but the country continues to administer more than 2.5 million doses daily. Jackson County is below the national average for percentage of adults who are fully vaccinated.

Left Turn Sneak Peek

What you need to know if you're heading to the Kansas Speedway this weekend

by: Brian Dulle Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Racing returns to the Kansas Speedway this weekend for the ARCA Mendards Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series on Saturday and the NASCAR Cup Series in the "Buschy McBusch Race 400" on Sunday.

In Pursuit Of Pr0n

Adult star who had sex on sacred volcano leaves cheeky message as cops hunt her

A Russian porn star being hunted by police after filming a raunchy video on a sacred volcano has left a cheeky message for her social media followers. Veronika Troshina, 22, and her partner Mikhail Morozov, 26, were wanted by police in Bali, Indonesia, after posting the footage on PornHub.


The great power race between the US and China is on. And Beijing is confident of winning

When US President Joe Biden urged Americans to "win the 21st century" in his joint address to Congress, he painted a picture of a new great power competition with China and repeatedly name checked its leader, Xi Jinping.

Gesture Of Goodwill

Cheney on fist bump with Biden: 'We're not sworn enemies. We're Americans'

Rep. (R-Wyo.) responded to her critics who slammed her for giving a fist bump before his address to Congress on Wednesday. " I disagree strongly w/ @JoeBiden policies, but when the President reaches out to greet me in the chamber of the US House of Representatives, I will always respond in a civil, respectful & dignified way," Cheney tweeted on Thursday.

Against ‘Uncle Tim’ Slurs

Hannity rips Democrats' 'double standard' attacking Sen. Tim Scott with 'racist' rhetoric

Sean Hannity blasted far-left Democrats on Thursday's "Hannity" for attacking South Carolina Senator Tim Scott with a "stream of nasty, racist, despicable comments," saying the individuals "lecturing America" on being a "racist country" are the "very same people" who insulted Tim Scott with "vile smears and slander."

Former Veep Shows A Lot Of Heart To Start Campaign Early

Pence urges 'positive' agenda to counter Biden in first speech since leaving office

Former Vice President on Thursday made his return to the public eye, looking back on the work of the Trump administration and calling for conservatives to unite in opposition to 's agenda. Pence served as the keynote speaker at a Palmetto Family Council event in South Carolina.

El Papa Caps Prices

Pope sets 40-euro Vatican gift cap in corruption crackdown

ROME -- Pope Francis set a 40-euro ($48) gift cap for all Vatican employees Thursday and issued a new law requiring Vatican cardinals and managers to periodically report on their compliance with clean financial practices in one of his biggest efforts yet to crack down on corruption in the Holy See.

Downtown Artsy Debut

Art in the Loop invites visual artists + Downtown news beat

Art in the Loop introduces 2021 project with a call for artists The Art in the Loop Foundation (AILF), along with the KC Streetcar Authority, is looking for artists to bring their creativity to Downtown Kansas City for the 2021 Summer AILF Public Art program, now in its eighth year.

All About New O-Line

Brett Veach details Chiefs' day-two NFL Draft outlook

Only a few hours before he made the Orlando Brown Jr. trade, Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach explained that he felt the 2021 NFL Draft's "hot zone" sat somewhere between the beginning of round two and the middle of round three. That is where he and his staff would find the most value.

Weather Right Now

3 more nice days before another storm arrives in Kansas City

It will be mostly sunny again, and nearly perfect. A south breeze will return later in the day but only at 5-15 mph. High: 79°

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  1. The devil bidumbs went down to Georgia said....

    Did anyone notice that hoe Jill bidumb wore a dress with lemons on it when everybody knows Georgia is the peach state, this was clearly meant as an insult to the great state of Georgia.

    The bidumbs have to be the dumbest people on earth, they are actually dumber than the odummys, and I thought nobody could be that dumb.


  2. Biden's American family plan????? How funny! He has turned a blind eye to the sex trafficking that started back up at the border. How funny Biden is trying to act like Trump and do the things Trump did. He will NEVER be like Trump, and he's not the President of this country the people did NOT vote him in.

    When tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty. We are not through yet.

  3. "He will NEVER be like Trump," We know he's better. America didn't want another Trump. That's why we threw him out of office CHUD. Oh you're through fatty, we are sending you MAGA terrorists to jail one at a time.

  4. ^^ You're two posts in a row and you are pathetic.

  5. Chiefs seem to be in good shape for Day 2. Several good choices for the 2nd round.

    1. They already announced they are taking a kid who played in Raytown and at K State


  6. Maybe the Chiefs can draft a grad assistant to chauffeur Andy and Brit Reid around when they are drunk.

    Food for thought; like rice and beans at Popeyes !

  7. ^^Popeyes sucks CHUD. CHUCK works there and always burns the biscuits.

  8. Fuck Mike Pence

  9. Of course China is confident of winning. They have Hollywood, social media, major media outlets, the Dimocrat party, and the president in their pockets.

  10. ^^OH noes!!! What do we do now Maude????? My God, the horror! Oh the horror! and yet, the sun will come out tomorrow. Weird.

  11. Tone, where did you dig up that piece of shit music?

  12. 6:55 wants to talk sex trafficking when it seems like almost on a monthly basis some Republican pedo is being outed while Rudy keeps going on and on about Hunter's hard drive, which he apparently turned over to the FBI a long time ago but was still in possession of when he got raided. Lively bunch you got there GQP.


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