Kansas City, MO State Senator Razer Pitches For E-Tax Renewal

A local politico at the "tip of the spear" when it comes to the conflict betwixt progressive KCMO and GOP dominated Jeff City.

State Sen. Greg Razer represents the 7th District, which runs from Kansas City southward to Grandview.

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Guest Column: KC needs earnings tax now more than ever - vote yes - Kansas City Business Journal

On April 6, voters will be asked to extend the Kansas City earnings tax ("e-tax") for an additional five-year period. The e-tax is our 1% earned income tax paid by all businesses and individuals who work in Kansas City, Missouri.


  1. Notable cities that have an income tax:
    almost all of Ohio and Pennsylvania

    To be fair NYC and San Francisco have an e tax but trust fund babies don't seem to mind.

    With the exception of NYC and San Francisco almost every other city with an e-tax is a city in decline.


  2. Vote Yes on the Earnings Tax renewal, so we can keep spending tax money on entertainment districts, convention centers, convention hotels, parking garages for luxury condos and apartments, toy trains, stadiums and subsidize underperforming TIF's.

  3. KCMO must include public handouts as a revenue source in the e-tax.

  4. 5:02 you haven’t been paying attention apparently, New York and San Fran have gone to hell. People are flocking out of there as fast as possible so.....

  5. Don’t be racist, vote NO on the E tax. It will help the homeless and create jobs.

  6. State Sen. Greg Raze is someone we don't need anymore than we do the e-tax. Another damn democrapper.

  7. You can have your e tax if you get rid of all the criminal niggers.

  8. It passes 70/30 because this town is full of gullible hayseed rubes.

  9. 5:01 et al: And yet no one forces you to live or work in Kansas City. Weird.

  10. FAG ALERT!!!!!!!!! CHIMPY'S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Here is the quickest and easiest ways to avoid the earnings tax. Work and live in Johnson County or Wyandotte County. Easy as that! And you get to avoid commuting down town and paying those high parking fees. A two-fer!! And you will not be risking your life every day commuting with all of these Karens zipping around in their Toyota Rav 4s on the way to their jobs as "diversity/inclusion" HR representatives at Hallmark or some other big blue company.


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