Kansas City Midweek Movies

A quick peek at local clips worth a look for the insomniac and early bird denizens of our blog community . . .

Crafting Kansas City

This movie "perfectly illustrates passion and vision for work training, the trade of sewing, and the future of American apparel manufacturing."

Kansas City Late Night Spin

This clip tours "some of our favorite rides from World of Wheels 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri."

Thoughtful Local Head Check

"Psychiatric nurse and assistant professor at Research College of Nursing shares 5 Steps from the Mental Health First Aid Kit. These steps are tools for anyone to use when helping a loved one who may be struggling from mental illness or suicidal thoughts."

And so . . .

Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Glad that KC could at least keep one auto show and they weren't chased away by the mayor's publicity stunt.

  2. Ask the blacks, they do a rather good job of shooting people in KILLA CITY. Is that what you meant ?

  3. ^^^ now that’s funny and true right there!


  4. congratulations.

    your blog has the dumbest, most ignorant, ugly, hateful, racist commenters and comments of any other local blog.

    you must be so proud.

    1. Congratulations. You have the ability to spout epithets instead of arguments, and piss yourself at the hint of any speech that challenges the reader.

      You probably are proud of that. You shouldn't be.

  5. ^^I agree with 10:43AM. The comments on this blog serve no useful purpose and should be closed.

    1. You are 10:43. and the only reason you think so is because you're butthurt about being slapped around in the comments when you say stupid shit.


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