Kansas City Metro Church Easter Comeback Risks COVID 4th Wave?!?

A note of reassurance and test of faith as this cowtown moves forward . . .

NPR: Fauci Expects Surge In Vaccinations To Keep A 4th Coronavirus Wave At Bay

Read more as Europe copes with persistent pandemic resurgence . . .

Local faith leaders ready to welcome worshipers for first in-person Easter services in two years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's thought of as being the most important holiday on the Christian calendar. Church-going families will observe the Easter holiday this weekend, a year after most in-person worship services were canceled due to COVID-19 precautions. Some houses of worship have only recently returned to in-person observances after many churches and synagogues [...]


  1. Fauci is a power hungry psychopath that will say anything the dimwits want him too, the cdc crybaby lady already said that people that are vaccinated don’t need to wear masks. The dimwits hate religion and America and will do anything in their power to kill it off.


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