Kansas City Mayor Q Holds Presser Amid 18th & Vine Deadly Mass Shooting Aftermath

Following a horrific gun fight in this entertainment district, the KCMO Mayor offers more commentary and insight along with ideas for curbing the ongoing slaughter.

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KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas says community, police trust key to curbing violence

Following another deadly weekend in Kansas City, Missouri, which claimed the lives of a local reporter and a man in the historic 18th and Vine District, Mayor Quinton Lucas emphasized trust between the community and police is key to curbing the ongoing violence in the city.


  1. the Mayor can’t handle anything so his piss poor attempt at deflecting to “Police trust” is asinine, the murderous negroes know nothing will happen to them because he shifts all the blame on whitey and the police. We all know who the problem is and instead of dealing with the violent murderous negroes that have thrived in this town due to his lack of acknowledging who the problem is and his non existent leadership and Petersuckers lack of a brain to prosecute murderers is 100% the problem.

    The mayor talks in circles and never tells you anything because he’s your typical dimwit liar that doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, never did. Everything he’s touched has turned to shit and killa shitty over the last two years is a perfect example of what happens when a retard is in charge.

  2. Nobody likes you Lucas please resign. You are stupid and racist.

  3. ^^Why should he? Nobody likes you and yet you continue to post stupid and racist nonsense.

  4. The best way to get Mayor McYogapants' attention is to turn a camera on. How else is he supposed to self-promote? Now that the wee mayor has done his job for the day, he might relax with a tweet claiming victory!

    Of course nothing was done. What did you expect from the lil' mayor with big ambitions? Competence? Lol

  5. 540 maybe you should resign. Everyone hates you and your bigoted racist remarks.

  6. How do they know the reporter who was shot in her apartment, was a stray bullet?

  7. Somebody will brag on social media about it by the weekend.

  8. 5:40 is pissed because he didn't get his meds. The coke dealer got busted first. You suck. Go clean your grandmas gutters. You live in her garage POS

  9. A hundred shots weren't fired in Swope Park because folks don't trust the police, it's because of the proliferation of guns and lack of self control.

  10. Mayor Racist why are so many negroes being killed in KCMO?

  11. just hoping there are solid leads to get the perpetrators of these two awful shootings,, the reporter and the man gunned down at 18th and vine

    and give a case to the prosecutor to lock these criminals up, the gun play is getting awful.

    what is summer going to be like?

    yes hand guns have something to do with it because the murder weapon in each case was a hand gun. whether gun control is a wise idea who knows, but it is stupid to act like guns have nothing to do with shootings and shooting deaths.

    lucas has a point. if he floods the district with cops, people are like, this is over policing. but if these shootings happen, people complain about the police not devoting resources.


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