Kansas City Macabre Monday Broadcast: Kylr Yust Trial Podcast

Audio recap as newsies review courtroom drama from this high-profile trial that serves as a benchmark for creepers across the metro.

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Journey for Justice podcast: Kylr Yust murder trial update No. 7

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The defense was up to bat in Day 7 of Kylr Yust's double murder trial, and they got off to what seemed to be a rocky start, plagued with no-show witnesses and debate about the relevance or accuracy of witnesses who did show up.


  1. Liberals killing liberals

  2. ^^Boomer shitting his pants.

  3. This won't be the last trial of this case. Collins has managed to riddle it with enough error that there will be podcasts and specials singing Yust's innocence for decades to come. Wild Bill is in way over his head loving the attention and the cameras, even if the cameras don't love him back. I can't imagine how his garbled word salad judicial pronouncements will look on the trial transcript.


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