Kansas City LGBT Nightlife Survives COVID

This isn't the first pandemic this community has been forced to endure.

Accordingly, here's a glimpse at local survival skills and the ongoing party amid hard times.

Check-it . . .

Kansas City Gay Bars Fight To Stay Alive During Pandemic: 'It's The Only Space That We Have'

On a typical night at Woody's KC, patrons would be packed into the self-described "cozy" club, dancing with no room to spare. But a year into the pandemic, guests are confined to spend their evening confined to socially-distanced seats. That doesn't stop local DJ Adam Gonzales from playing house music well into the night.


  1. The gays aren’t afraid of aids so the Kung fu flu doesn’t scare them one bit


  2. It's not the only space they have. They have all of SF CA.

  3. Liberal KCUR once again promoting the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA.

    KCUR, KC PBS, Flatland, KC Star, local TV news stations will not employ you if you express Conservative views. On the other hand, if you strongly express Liberal views, you will be their darling.

  4. There's always room for one more bottom in Kansas City. Do you think people visit here just for the BBQ?

  5. There's more demand for tops. Bri's been trying to find one for years.

  6. There are no gay bars in KC besides Missie B's which isn't even that gay anymore. Well over half the crowd is straight people now. All the gay bars closed over a decade ago.

  7. ^^and yet they haven't as evidenced by your husband's predilection for multiple "guys nights" during the week. Weird.

  8. The pandemic of Aids, which has killed more americans and is legal to transmit to others and kill them ? That pandemic ? Not just accepted to give to others as a death sentence, but promoted at damn near ever business , organization and media moment.


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