Kansas City Infrastructure Stays Losing

This one deserves a second look and more conversation . . . Council seems to agree that we're falling behind on maintaining KCMO.

Meanwhile, a faction at City Hall continues to champion "social justice" equity and diversity over more practical concerns.

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'An Absolute Failure:' Kansas City Council Blasts Millions Spent On Infrastructure Projects

Kansas City councilmembers are worried the city has wasted millions of dollars on infrastructure projects that aren't critically needed. Voters approved $800 million in general obligation bonds in 2017 that would be spread out over two decades to pay for street, sidewalk and other infrastructure repairs.


  1. Would Bidens infrastructure replace the railroad bridge over Independence Avanue, Hardesty and 12th street? Probably not.

  2. Hardest yet and 9th street, you were close though!

    So they’re gonna use this as an excuse to give all the money to toy train now!

  3. Pendergast was an amateur compare to this current bunch of crooks

  4. Cities can be very good at fixing roads; not so good at fixing culture.

  5. Eric Bunch spouting common sense? Are you sure this wasn’t an April Fools piece?

  6. Once again, how can these people make believe they provide any oversight of how taxpayer money is spent or hold anyone to account for the results if they DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON?
    Totally clueless about their most important responsibilities.


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