Kansas City Hyde Park Hates New Plans

One of Kansas City's most embattled neighborhoods is beset by developers and this time around neighbors are pushing back . . . Given that these residents are accustomed to fighting with junkies, the impasse might be serious.

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Hyde Park homeowners oppose proposed mixed-use development

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some homeowners are voicing their opposition to a proposed mixed-use development called KC Outlook. The proposed development would be built on Troost Avenue between 45th Street and Brush Creek Boulevard in a location that's currently vacant. Faris Farassati is the developer behind the project, as well as an Overland Park City Councilman.


  1. I would rather have a spanking new Mixed Used Development by my neighborhood versus a homeless encampment on the vacant lot.

    Looks like a win / win for Hyde Park.

    Only current thing Hyde Park has going for it is Bob Berdella's House of Horrors for tourists to drive by.

  2. And yet Berdella's house was demolished in 1993. Weird.

  3. Johnson County developing across state line? Hmmmm. Why is it easier for a Johnson County legislator to come to Kansas City, Missouri and develop than it is to stay in his jurisdiction and develop there?

  4. I grew up in hyde park, about a block away from where this is proposed and I really don't care if it's built. I'm fine with it. Most of the people living in hyde park are just suburban tourists living there so fuck them. This is what city life is all about and what you dumbfucks vote for.


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