Monday, April 19, 2021

Kansas City Hero Worship Of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Hopes To Distract Fans

Check a few quick notes on the good life of this town's favorite celeb that might be cleverly timed to distract from more dire news and increasing skepticism about the future of the franchise without any impressive O-Line additions.

QB Shares COVID Vaxx Testimony

Patrick Mahomes receives COVID-19 vaccine to protect daughter Sterling Skye

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) - Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes said he's received the COVID-19 vaccine, even though he's not required by the NFL to do so. During a virtual meeting Monday morning, Mahomes said his reason for getting the vaccine was to help protect his two-month-old daughter, Sterling Skye.

Unquestionably Brave White Wedding Dress Decision Awaits

Did she say yes to the dress? Brittany Matthews details day of wedding dress shopping for wedding with Patrick Mahomes on Instagram

They've got a date. They've got a venue. They've got an adorable daughter. Now does Brittany Matthews have a dress?Matthews, founder of Brittany Lynne Fitness, co-owner of Kansas City NWSL and fiancĆ©e of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, detailed a trip to Los Angeles to shop for wedding dresses on her Instagram page on Sunday.Matthews posted the series of photos and boomerangs with "my girls (& JacksonšŸ˜‚)" of the trip - Jackson being Patrick Mahomes's little brother.

Toe The Line Redux

Patrick Mahomes provides update on his turf toe rehab

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has dealt with a few different injuries in his young career. He fought through an ankle injury in 2019 before a separate knee injury forced him to miss a two-game stretch.

Paddy Daddy Promo

Patrick Mahomes says he's adjusting to fatherhood during the offseason

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's been a different kind of offseason for Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He's recovering from foot surgery to repair turf toe. The procedure had him sporting a boot for weeks, but Mahomes said he believed his recovery is ahead of schedule.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Patty Cakes still lost the Super Bowl 31 - 9

0 TD's and 3 Int's

Tom Brady (GOAT):

2 TD's and 0 Int's

Gronk: - Greatest Tight-End of All-Time

2 TD's and 200 yards


0 TD's and a hangover

Maybe Patty Cakes, Kelce and the Chiefs should respect the American Flag and our Veterans and they would have better luck.

Anonymous said...

and yet he's already won a Super Bowl, been to another, been league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, signed the richest deal in sports, and been to three straight AFC Championships. You've never done anything. I'll go with mahomes.

Anonymous said...

People are worried about the color of her wedding dress?

After a sitting President of the United States conspired to overthrow the USA and keep himself in power. Lying to every American that he won? Telling rioters he would walk with them to the capital (HE DIDNT) and provoked them to look for Mike Pence to hang? Trying to stop the electorial college vote and overthrow the entire election? Raising 54 million dollars using the lie that the election was stolen. Never mentioning or asking Americans to wear masks even though 600,000 are soon to die? It would be MALPRACTICE if a surgeon evn 10 years ago refused to wear a mask if he were taking out your tounsils! Masks are a PROVEN PRODUCT WORLDWIDE HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR DECADES! Trump is a Hilter wanna be that will soon face prison

Anonymous said...

The latest study out of Stanford shows conclusively that masks do not protect people from Covid but do cause other physical harms.

And the election was stolen. You only have to look at the counting that was stopped simultaneously in critical swing states in the middle of the night only to be restarted after hundreds of thousand of Biden votes were dumped into the count. That never happened before in history but in the establishment’s effort to prevent an outsider from winning a second term was the desperation ballot box stuffing that the elites ordered.

Anonymous said...

Everyone thought Hillary Clinton would win her past election. Then all of a sudden Trump won that night! It was a stunner! Trump just accepted the victory, odd as it was.

Then when Trump losses JUST like Hillary Clinton did - he throws a fit, claims fraud, refuses to attend the inaguration and then stages a huge attack on the capital to keep Biden from being President! What a frigging baby! William Barr said the election was fair. Mitch McConnel said the election was fair. Just cause you dont like the outcome of something doesnt mean bitching about it will change anything. You had YOUR 63 COURTCASES! LOST THEM ALL.

Anonymous said...

Why would the elites want Trump to lose?

Is it because he is incompetant? Or they know the current rape charges against him will stick - when the DNA is tested from the ladies underwear?

Yes the lady Trump claims to have NEVER met? How would she get Trump's DNA/sperm on her underwear????? She is going to get her day in court, and a trial, per the New York court system. What if the DNA matches???????

Anonymous said...

Elites know Trumps wife is a plant, a Russian agent, who was a call girl to get close to Trump, then marry him. Elites cant say it - but thats why the election is rigged, She was passing info to russians. I just looked at her nude pictures on Google from 15 years ago - she has odd nipples. Imagine, being able to google naked pics of the president's wife in 1/10 second!

Anonymous said...

And then we have pedophile Joe Biden sniffing young girls hair and feeling them out.

or Bill Clinton basically raping a young intern in the White House?

or Bill Clintons frequent flyer miles to Epstein Island.

or Hillary Clintons 20,000 e-mails that mysteriously vanished.

or the fake Russian Collusion story purchased by Hillary and she still lost.

or now the "Russian Bounty" fake story on U.S. troops.

When will the Marxist Democrat Party and their Media lap dogs ever quit with the lies and fairy tales?

Anonymous said...

Patty Cakes still got his ass handed to him by Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

No denying that.

Brady also handed Patty Cakes his ass in the 1st AFC Championship game you mentioned.

Tom Brady 2 - Patty Cakes 0

Anonymous said...

I don't know why he is portrayed as a hero and popular guy, they couldn't even sell his cereal he's not like by more people than those who like him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. Go night-night now.

Anonymous said...

6:54: And yet his team won a Super Bowl. How many have you won?

Anonymous said...

^ Seven Super Bowls. Thanks for asking

Tom Brady

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you never won a thing. Worthless, lying geriatric. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton flew on Jeff Epstein's lolita express underage sex plane to an island to hang out with juvenile kids. So did trump and his wife, and Maxwell. I bet they ALL had sex with underaged children and used drugs! It will all come out in the end!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Lucas and Mahomes be out on the streets inciting riots and free TV's and clothes? After all the verdict is going to come down regardless of what it is they will be wanting their revenge. Right?

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Oreo bro and the ho!

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

And yet you can't even manage to take your keyboard off all caps. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! 8:26 got knocked the fuck out!!!!!! Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

^o.k. Maude, Fat Andy has worked up another greasy fart for you to inhale !

Anonymous said...

Patty Cakes is one and done in the Super Bowl.

Without Damien Williams; Patty Cakes sucks.

Waaaaahhhhhhhhh; one of my lineman was injured !

Like no team has injuries.

Patty Cakes was totally lost; stumbling and fumbling; deer in the headlights throwing 3 ints and no TD's. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes will never win another Superbowl. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

^Totally agree. Injury prone and Clark Hunt is cheap; not a good combination. Probably be another 50 years for Chiefs fans to celebrate another SB win.

Brit Reid saga will be a major distraction this Summer and Fall.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes will win 5 more Super Bowls. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that

Anonymous said...

The real Mahomie showed up at this year's superbowl against Tampa Bay and he didn't look too hot. In fact he looked a horrible. Good luck winning another superbowl with him. You will need it.

Anonymous said...

Does KC not have anything else to focus on other than an over rated, heavy drinker of a quarterback who got creamed by Tom Brady who didn't marry the mother of his child? Surely KC has more going for it?

Anonymous said...

One and done Patty Cakes needs all the luck he can get.