Kansas City Hairdo Trends Exposed

A worthwhile glimpse at all of the COVID reopen primping that supportive local husbands & boyfriends must endure. And yes, a new hairdo does, in fact, distract from the "quarantine 15" gained by nearly everybody in this cowtown.

Take a look . . .

Kansas City hairstylists predict what hair trends are hot right now

With masks still a staple in everyday life, expression from the shoulders up depends less on our smile and more on hairstyles and hair accessories. Be in the know with these recommended trends from a few local stylists. Kinsey Males, hairstylist at The Hair Parlour (115 W.


  1. They don't have to PREDICT what's hot RIGHT NOW.

  2. I think many men watched videos and started cutting their hair at home.

  3. well, that's a pretty picture, i must say!

  4. Trends are observed not predicted.

  5. "fifteen"?
    more like a quarantine twenty or even twenty-five
    we fat as hell now and not too upset about it

  6. Not going to believe any hairstyle is really trending until I see Governor Granny in Kansas with a new do.
    Is she changing the shape of the bowls she uses?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  7. Yes, KC is always on the cutting edge of the latest trend.
    In fact bell bottom pants are going to be the thing in town any day now!
    And coming soon?


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