Kansas City George Floyd Legacy Examined

A horrific police murder caught on camera changed the world, burned a few cars on the Plaza and brought many locals to their knees faster than a consenting, attractive, discrete coworker.

Accordingly . . .

Here's a local news virtue signal dance off betwixt KCUR vs. KSHB wherein both progressive news outlets attempt to prove their solidarity with the BLM movement by way of spin that that's every bit as cringe-worthy and quickly dated as an old school break-dancing competition.  

Check-it . . .

The Lasting Impact of George Floyd's Death On Kansas City

Two local newsrooms are collaborating to take a closer look at the continuing impact of George Floyd's murder on Kansas City.


  1. Kansas city has nothing to do with what occurred with him. Unless you consider that we have a percentage of life long career druggies that continously commit violent evil crimes and think making angels out of devils is ok. The guy violently robbed a pregnant lady. There are only a few people that would excuse that, ones that have done something of that caliber and people that only want to exploit an evil person to further their causes. Not one time in the Trial did they prove that it was a Racist act. You think that the " whitey " would not pull the same thing on a "white " person ? Now do you think a "Dark skinned" person never does it to "darkeys or whiteys" . Go look at your violent crime stats and report back.

  2. Kansas City’s George Floyd legacy..... that’s funny right there! Hahahahaha!

  3. The Floyd "legacy" is the balmy idea of some that a certain readily identifiable group of people can behave any way they want without consequences.
    Even when their behavior threatens the well being, property, and even lives of others.
    And their behavior becomes so dysfunctional and anti-social that, in the end, it turns self-destructive.
    The vast majority of any society won't stand for that and the irony is that the people who are most threatened are hard-working residents of neighborhoods that are stressed by this kind of behavior.
    Last year KCMO had a record number of homicides, the vast majority of which were black-on-black murders.
    And 2021 is already ahead of last year.
    That's the Floyd legacy.

  4. The good news is George Floyd is still drug and alcohol free!

    By the way, even the worms don’t even want anything to do with this violent ass crook! Hahahahaha!


  5. George Floyd DID NOT bring people to their knees. Only a weak mayor and stupid cop were brought to their knees. What it did was give the city thugs power to be more racist and commit crimes. What happened to Floyd was wrong but he is to blame too. Stop praising criminals and get your morals straight.

  6. Protest if you must but you stay the hell out of my Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza. PF Chang's is yours but stay out of mine. Final warning ⚠️





  8. +100 to every comment so far.

  9. If there is a "legacy" in KC birthed in the ongoing insanity of the St. George Floyd apotheosis, it will be in the unwritten, yet agreed upon new statute, codified onto de facto law, that states, unequivocally, that black males can commit crimes, resist arrest and suffer zero consequences. This will lead to more crime that affects, mostly, blacks and the city as a whole.

    The further expected deification of thugs, felons, rapists, drug addicts and murderers is psychotic, but, in the now firmly ensconced Progressive "Narrative" which dominates the zeitgeist, these scum bags are the tip of the spear in the war against Whitey, for "Social Justice".

    American IQs have decreased around 15 points over the last 25 years and this outright assault on common sense is prima facie that, for the most part, you motherfuckers are idiots.

    1. apotheosis \uh-pah-thee-OH-sis\ noun.
      elevation to divine status : deification.

  10. ^^Yep! You sure are! You fuckers believe they stole the election! First time I've ever agreed with chuck. Now go make the biscuits bitch.

  11. ^^ Says the guy with the exact same IQ of a biscuit.

  12. Chauvin was guilty as hell, but let's not over-glorify a person who had a long rap sheet and once held a pistol to a woman's stomach while his buddies were robbing the place during a home invasion.

  13. Do what BLM wanted done about MLK. Name a street after Floyd but make sure it is a dead end.

  14. Don't discount George Floyd's legacy in KC.

    A few burned and looted buildings.

    A fountain renamed.

    $200,000 worth of BLM painted on selected streets that has now faded.

    UMKC students and professors marched around and screamed getting some exercise.

    $20 million of damage and looting is a good legacy in some folks eyes !!

  15. His legacy? Just another stupid dead criminal who got what he deserved. Derek Chauvin was doing public service.

  16. Kansas City Chuck Lowe Legacy Examined

    That'll be a blank page

  17. ^^ Much like your mind Jasper.

  18. Great comments here! Humorous but I was once told that life is too serious to be taken seriously. Its OK to feel anger, but what you do with it determines your emotional maturity.

  19. So chucklowes are six-year-olds, is that what you're saying?

  20. All our dead heros resisted arrest and were drug dealers.

  21. 10:19 More like terrible two"s who scream hold their breaths and blame someone else for their anger. Life isn't fair. I could be mad cause my parents weren't born rich but I still had to work and pay like everyone else who has a grasp on reality.

  22. What happened to floyd was not wrong, but unfortunate, for him but more so for the cop who reported to work and who was trying to keep the streets safe...

  23. Kansas City should name a street after him. Maybe one that parallels the new MLK Blvd.

  24. Yay free fentanyl.

  25. Blacks have a very wrapped sense of what a hero is. No wonder their culture is not fit for civilized nations. Take it back to Africa.

  26. Ok, I guess the Whigs want to be heard again after 200 years. Black folks are staying so get over it. Deportation didn't workout in Nazi Germany or Apartheid South Africa. It's time to end Apartheid in the United States and proceed to the next level of civilization before the planet becomes extinct. The days of the angry white man are coming to a close.

  27. Oh my god how dumb. You know what folks? Fuck it. Lets use our brains. Were smarter we dont live lifes like george meth head floyd. Let them flock to the loser. Our kids will be smarter and will have more money because we can be our own heroes. Time to shut up and save your money. Get your shit together everybody. God bless America


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