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Right now we take a peek at online merch as the pr0n game continues to garner mainstream views and we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

KCI COVID Comeback

Southwest Airlines to add, resume service to 9 US cities from KCI

Southwest Airlines announced Friday that it will add or resume service to nine U.S. cities from Kansas City International Airport as part of a major systemwide expansion. Some cities are entirely new routes, while some are pandemic-related service restorations.The announcement comes as passenger numbers are on the increase as more and more Americans become vaccinated.

Nurses Play Catch On Plane

Kansas City nurses bound for Hawaii vacation deliver baby on flight

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of Kansas City-area healthcare workers was in the right spot at the right time Thursday. The right spot just happened to be on a Hawaii-bound flight in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The right time just happened to be when a fellow traveler went into labor in the airplane bathroom.

Doggy Style Stealing

Jackson County family looking for suspects after dog stolen from yard

Ashley Hill said she never could have imagined a note she found in her mailbox several months ago would lead to the nightmare she says her family is living now. "It just breaks my heart to watch my kids," Hill said. "They have been praying and making cards for him."

Pr0n Star Q&A Exposed

Adult actress spills on favourite sex position - and what penis size she prefers

A porn star has lifted the lid on her favourite sex position in a steamy Q&A session on Reddit. Kenna James, from Indiana and Missouri, US, works in the porn industry and has been on the cover of 15 magazines in six years.

India COVID Precaution

Biden administration expected to restrict travel from India starting Tuesday

The Biden administration will restrict travel from India starting on Tuesday on the advice of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a White House official told CNN.

Progressives Racial Rebuke Uses Nasty Insults

Liberal media largely ignores 'Uncle Tim' slurs against Tim Scott after his Biden response

Liberal media outlets almost completely ignored the "Uncle Tim" slurs that trended on social media against Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., after his rebuttal Wednesday to President Biden's address to Congress. Scott, the lone Black Republican in the U.S. Senate, infuriated progressives with his speech, which included remarks that the United States isn't a racist country.

Prez Biden Blame Game

'One god-awful mess': Biden lays border crisis on Trump admin's refusal to cooperate

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden blamed the Trump administration for ongoing problems at the U.S.-Mexico border, citing its failure to cooperate and share critical information during the presidential transition period. In an exclusive interview that aired Friday with "TODAY" show co-anchor Craig Melvin, Biden said his administration inherited "one god-awful mess at the border" from former President Donald Trump.

US Troop Vaxx Mandate Ahead

'A tough call': Biden considering mandatory Covid vaccines for U.S. troops

The comments from the commander in chief come as the Pentagon has sounded the alarm about service members refusing the vaccine in large numbers, with roughly one-third of troops declining to take the shot as of February, according to congressional testimony from military officials.

Woke Won’t Joke

'SNL' cast won't be forced to appear with controversial host Elon Musk

"Saturday Night Live" cast members won't be forced to appear alongside controversial billionaire Elon Musk when he hosts the show, Page Six is told. "Speaking historically, if a cast member has been that unhappy, they don't have to do it," a source told us.

Golden Ghetto 100 Grand

100,000 doses: Johnson County health department announces the county has surpassed the mark

by: Juan Cisneros Posted: / Updated: OLATHE, Kan. - The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment said the county has surpassed the 100,000 COVID-19 vaccine dose threshold at county vaccination clinics. JCDHE data shows 45% of eligible Johnson County residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 32% percent have been fully immunized.

Celebrate Black Coffee

Coffee for the culture: Porter House KC founders partner with Messenger to craft Black-owned coffee brand

"It's more than coffee," said Dan Smith, who co-founded the brand, Black Drip Coffee, as well as the Porter House KC. "We always talk about breaking down barriers and creating opportunities through The Porter House. We drink coffee all the time, so why not have our own bean?

Perfect Weekend Then Rain

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Happy Friday everyone. What a great way to finish off a work week and the evening looks just as nice as our day has been. Clears skies are expected through the evening and overnight hours joined by a light but steady southerly breeze reaching no higher than 8 to 10 MPH through daybreak.

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  2. You mean our new improved airport is attracting even MORE routes? Also, Virgin Airlines is coming to our new airport as well?? My God! Maybe the city new what they doing all along and you retard, geriatric, shit-flakes didn't? LOL! CHUDS: Always wrong. KC is on the move!

  3. Black owned coffee company, do not trust. BLM employees pee in it.

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      Um, they're just selling beans and grounds. Also, you're stupid.

  4. Best resident ever HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  5. Byron Funkhouser4/30/21, 5:19 PM

    It's pretty bad when liberal run Snopes busts a liberal poll at liberal SEE BS news as a fraud and a lie.

  6. Good for Elon in possibly shutting down Libtard-laced SNL and saving people a lot of time not laughing this weekend.

  7. If you gave joe bidumb a penny for his thoughts you’d get change back! Hahahahaha!


  8. Diaper Joe Biden is a lying sack of shit.

    Assholde was busted plaigirizing other peoples speeches back in the day he was so fucking stupid

  9. Biden's a lying sack of shit.

  10. Black U.S. senator states that America is not a racist country on TV. A mob of lefty twitter users prove him wrong by smearing him with a racist insult. Leftwing twitter is slow to react to its trending racist topic allowing it to stay up for a long time.


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