Kansas City Fountain Day FAIL Coming Soon

The fountains were mostly cancelled amid COVID. However, thanks to Prez Biden free money we can look forward to cash & tradition flowing freely . . . At least until deferred maintenance shuts down a great many local spouts.

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Hey, hey, hey, Fountain Day is approaching

There's water in the Sea Horse Fountain pool at Meyer Circle, and that means one thing: Fountain Day is drawing near. As some of you know, I'm vice president of the City of Fountains Foundation, a nearly 50-year-old nonprofit that promotes and advocates for public fountains, monuments and sculptures.


  1. Woo hoo! I Can’t wait for white supremacy day!

    Seriously I’m surprised the koloreds haven’t cancelled fountain day because it offends them by reminding them to take a shower!

    Those people stink really really bad!

  2. Remember everybody!

    KCMO is so broke and mismanaged that many of the iconic fountains in town were transferred from the Parks Department to a private charitable group that raises money for their care and maintenance.

    Also, for years and years, some of KC's fountains haven't recirculated their water with pumps. Fresh water comes into the fountain continually, replacing the water lost down the drain. Completely wasteful.



  3. Let's be glad the J.C. Nichols fountain was re-named.

    Murder rates have declined dramatically since they took J.C.s name off the Plaza Fountain.

    So what if a few stores were burned and looted, police officers injured etc. they changed the name of the fountain by golly.

    They should send UMKC a bill for future property damage expense as that is where BLM and ANTIFA is organized for their "peaceful" protests.

    Same thing happened at the MU - Columbia campus several years ago as Professor and Administrators were organizing the protests and using the students as cover.

  4. Need to get them operational asap. They are swimming/wading pools for the "community". Now the "homeless" will also have bathing facilities (and more).

  5. Koloreds cancel them ? Have you forgot that it's where they throw white families just enjoying a summer evening with their kids ? Or have we cancel cultured that along with everything else bad they do that might be considered real racism ?

  6. From the "City of Fountains" to the city of street murals.
    Real progress!


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