Kansas City Flood Warning As Burns & Mac Earns BIG BUCKS To Bail Out 'Smart' Sewers

Typical Springtime rain submerges quite a few urban core streets in Kansas City today.

Hopefully, 11 MILLION BUCKS SOON TO BE PAID OUT TO BURNS & MAC FOR 'SMART SEWER' UPGRADES will help this longstanding problem.

About the rain warning for today . . .

KSHB: Flash flood warning issued for parts of KC area


"During this time there could be flash flooding in small creeks and streams, urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses. Places with poor drainage and low-lying areas may also be impacted."

Developing . . .


  1. Gee, if only Kansas City had maintained and upgraded their infrastructure instead of building toy trains and airports.

    1. They raped the reserves . Maybe a billion dollars on stupidity

  2. Byron Funkhouser4/28/21, 6:57 PM

    That flooding is racist, as it disproportionally targets people of color.

  3. apparently shitty hall thinks old broken down sewer repairs makes them smart sewers? No, they’re called sewers that have been repaired and now work.

    What idiot calls a new or repaired sewer smart? Is that why it cost 11 million dollars? Because a marketing ploy for repairs that we’re probably paying three times the actual cost for.

    I guess if you can convince the boy blunder and shitty clowncil with a fancy name then who ever suckered the idiot that signed off on this outrageous deal is pretty smart and thanking the loser taxpayers for his brand new multi million dollar vacation home in Idaho or some such place.

  4. It's smart to repair them. It's stupid to let them deteriorate.

  5. Nothing like raw sewage running down Oak, McGee, Grand, Main and Walnut streets to make Kansas City a big time shithole on the national scene !!

    Throw in hobo's defecating everywhere and KCMO is one happening place !!

    40 Years of Democrat control has ruined Kansas City.

  6. Wall E. Weasel4/28/21, 10:49 PM

    "Hopefully, 11 MILLION BUCKS SOON TO BE PAID OUT TO BURNS & MAC FOR 'SMART SEWER' UPGRADES will help this longstanding problem."

    Hope all you want but it's not going to happen. This $11 million is for administrative and planning costs for a single year. Not one penny of it will go towards physical infrastructure.

  7. Wall E. Weasel4/28/21, 10:56 PM

    "What idiot calls a new or repaired sewer smart?"

    It's not even that interesting. The "Smart" refers to a group of programs to possibly reduce the amount of stormwater that enters the combined sewer system. It's doing nothing to remediate the problems inherent to the now CENTURY OLD combined sewer that serves 'old' Kansas City.

    Why spend $4 billion to actually and permanently fix the problem when you can spend $2.5 billion to put off the needed upgrades and call it a "Smart" solution?


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