Kansas City Family Demands Justice After Suspected Deadly Arson

As housing stock becomes increasingly scarce, this local tragedy earns a great deal of well-deserved attention given outcry over the death of beloved grandma from locals.

Here's the latest/best roundup . . .

Court records provide new information about ongoing suspicious death investigation following deadly house fire

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Court records show a witness helped police track down a man who was seen on the front porch of a home before it caught fire. A woman who was pulled from the burning home did not survive. A 3-year-old who was also rescued was critically hurt.


  1. Easy Peary, mean jean will let them off with probation, she always does

  2. It's amazing that the same people who never cooperate with the police or play any positive active role in the safety of their own communities, then DEMAND that others somehow provide them with "justice" when their own bite them in the butt.
    Don't any of them have any mirrors?
    Yes, YOU!

  3. ^ If you think the police give a fuck about anything except their own image and budget, you’re clueless white suburbanite.


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