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Quick reminder that Americans take their freedom for granted and people of faith throughout the globe are persecuted for their beliefs by governments and not just hipster scoffing.

Here's a worthwhile reference and analysis by this town's most prolific writer on faith & morals . . . Read more:

Religious liberty is under threat around the world

One of the indications that religion is a powerful force is that governments around the world try to suppress or control it, thus violating a foundational human right, religious liberty. To keep track of all those violations, each year the...


  1. And the goat fetish guy will be here in three...two... .

  2. ^^^ Lulz.


  3. This was all foretold in the Bible. But oh I forgot they say the Bible was and is a fairy tale. Wait until they force the one world religion on everyone, that's here too. This is how stupid they are. They say the Bible was written by man. I have to laugh every time I hear someone say that. Like man put down his own thoughts. How funny.

  4. Muslims have the religious freedom to suck goat dick several times daily. The only requirement is they must face East when sucking the goat dick.

  5. ^^well what's your excuse for sucking goat dick then? You just like it?

  6. We know you all are blatant racist and bigots but what else you got?

  7. Bill, your leftist commie pals in CHINA are killing Christians right NOW...but you refuse to write about it. Enjoy Hell.


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