Kansas City Faith Blogger Talks Ramadan

Out of respect, we mostly block comments on strictly faith-based notes. However, this KC blogger is highly political and so we openly share his perspective.

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Ramadan is a chance to learn about Islam in the U.S.

In this month of Ramadan, it's helpful to think about the history of Islam in what eventually became the United States and about how this ancient religion (ancient, but younger than Judaism and Christianity) is negotiating its place in the...


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  3. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY4/21/21, 6:01 AM

    9/11 is another day to learn about Islam.
    6/11 in Britain.
    While waiting, here's a list of the Islamic world's contributions to science:


  4. Hey Billy, here is some interesting reading.


  5. 911 attackers were doing what is called for the in the koran and following what their holy murderous prophets example as described in the koran was. Koran states that infidels must be taxed then killed if they do not convert. Mudhammed stole his own sons wife. Mudhammed married a 9 year old girl. all of this in koran. Death cult that supported the nazi in ww2. Google grand mufti and hitler. F them


  6. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a theocracy and that's how it started and still is today. The only reason Islam is posing as a religion is because years ago no one would let Mohammad in their countries. It started as a government.

  7. Allah is just another name for Satan.

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  9. The only experience that the young American republic had with Islam was with the Barbary pirates and their impressment (slavery) of American seamen from captured merchant vessels. We went to war with Islam to protect our rights. Now, we bow and scrape asking for mercy for our supposed crimes.

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  15. Byron Funkhouser4/21/21, 5:43 PM

    Ah yes, Ramalamadingdong! That brief period every year when terrorists take time off from suicide bombings, IEDs, car bombings and and screwing camels to revere a pedophile prophet. Ollywho snackbar!

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  17. I belong to a Facebook group called, "Not Reading the Comments is Self Care," and I wish I had remembered that motto before I came here today.


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