Kansas City Escapes COVID Variant 4th Wave Pandemic Surge. For Now . . .

The "double mutant" COVID-19 strain has emerged in California now threatens to start the lockdown hot mess all over again.

But, for the moment Kansas City has been spared more hospitalizations and deaths amid the ongoing plague.

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Midwest COVID-19 spike isn't impacting Kansas City metro; Doctors say cases remain low

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Midwest is experiencing what it calls a "fourth wave" of the coronaviruses crises, but the good news is that the epicenter is nowhere near Kansas City. Michigan reported more than 8,400 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, according to the state's health department.


  1. Told ya they would do this. Not only is there a fourth wave but it's now a double mutated wave. Next there will be a fifth wave and it will be triple mutated and on and on and on and on and on. It's all about control.

    Has anyone been watching the Derek Chauvin trial? Looks like the chief of police has contradicted himself all over the place. They went over all of the practices of the use of force and then he said it wasn't the normal practice for the police to use force. Then he tried to say Chavin put excessive for on Floyd's neck. How would he know he wasn't even there and you can see by the picture his knee was barley on Floyd's neck. He's a RACIST and is detrimental to our country not to mention a liar too.

  2. The virus took one look at the KCMO murder statistics and headed for somewhere safer.
    It was last spotted getting off the train in Baltimore.
    Nice work Mayor McKneely and the gang!

  3. Wow, so surprising the common cold virus mutated again, hmm think this is the last one?

    As predicted the "vaccine" will be labeled obsolete in a few months and you will need a new one every year...kinda like the flu.

    1. The "vaccine" is teaching the virus new tricks. We should have faced it like the other bugs of the recent past. We build immunity naturally the bug goes away. We are being set up.

  4. Yes.


  5. Stay afraid people, no way we can ever go back.

  6. I do not believe we are not being affected by this new wave. Every one I talk to at the hospital says their numbers are through the roof. I've seen bodies on stretchers in the halls, or in patient rooms when I'm just getting my x-rays. Its all over MSNBC how bad hospitals around the country are being overwhelmed worse than even last year. I've asked my Dr if there are any other options for more protected trips to the hospital, unfortunately they're the only one in my HMO. I am literally terrified to even go to the store. This is so scary, this version is even worse than the first three.

  7. And restaurants will continue closing their doors. Most of them have closed because all their employees died from covid.

  8. This version is literally the worst and there is a new wave coming that will be actually be even worse than this according to scientists. Yet basically virtually everyone denies this new wave will overwhelm hospitals. Weird.

  9. None of US are getting out of here ALIVE^^^^^^......

  10. The Branch Covidians are pulling another hoax out of the Fear Porn bag.

    Jesus what a load of fuckin shit.

    Next up, the "Satan" variant!!!! OMG!!!!! IT'S SATAN COVID!!!!

  11. Here is how to treat the Covid NAZIs when they show up at your door.


  12. Everyone needs to see this:


  13. There is no new wave, the numbers have dropped 77% since dear leader and crime boss joe bidumb took over, stay scared sheeple or else! Hahahahaha!

  14. YES!!!!!! I knew it wouldn't take very long for the far left to turn on Mayor Q. Liberals always turn on one another. They eat their own. Mayor Q is not too bright and can't even see who is real enemies are. Hint, it's not the conservatives or moderates like he's always believed!

  15. Be afraid you fucking Pussies! There will be no shutdown, because it's proven it doesn't work. The good guys are starting to win. The pussies are sniveling alone in the dark.

  16. Snuck a peak at the Missouri Covid dashboard and discovered to my shock that there have been no deaths attributed to Covid in Missouri for at least a week. Not even one single death.

    You would think that the press would be covering this happy news.


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