Kansas City Emerges From COVID Lock Down With Opioid Addiction

Here's a peek at one of the many pandemic problems with will impact this town for years after the reopen.

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'I would not wish this on anyone': Local mom, law enforcement warn of fentanyl uptick

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Area law enforcement agencies are warning about the deadly synthetic opioid, fentanyl, saying they're investigating multiple recent overdose cases. Bobbi Caggianelli of Overland Park said she and her 19-year-old son, Adrian, always shared a special bond. "He was admittedly a bit of a momma's boy," Caggianelli said.


  1. All those pills being brought over the border thanks to Sloppy Joe's handlers.

  2. ^^Idiot, you get them from your pharmacist.

    1. Hey asshole,the pills shown in the picture are m30s and are fentanyl that is manufactured in Mexico,so shut the fuck up and go die.

    2. Hey asshole,the pills shown in the picture are m30s and are fentanyl that is manufactured in Mexico,so shut the fuck up and go die.

  3. And you get them from your neighbor when they aren't home.

  4. We used to get them from George Floyd but he quit doing drugs around last May and the rumor is he’s still drug and alcohol free!

  5. Opioids are Central Nervous System Depressants. They among others things will make you stop breathing. With enough of these drugs in your system you might say "I can't breathe!" while standing, sitting, laying, with a knee on your neck or not. The power of fentanyl (synthetic heroin) is many times the strength of heroin. The safe dosage window is very, very, very small, any error in quantity taken or potency can set you on a course of sudden and irreversible death.

    In regards to the death of George Floyd the cop may have been only one factor of many that if any one of them was eliminated GF would be alive today. Thus the charge that the cop was the sole factor in GFs death is flawed when all things are considered.

    The rare concept of personal responsibility if adopted in daily life and conduct would almost guarantee no police encounters and if so, no bad outcomes. Non criminal people find this the way to live a peaceful, successful life. Dalton

  6. Hennepin County Medical Examiner's official death report on George Floyd indicated:
    1) a more than lethal dose of fentanyl in Floyd's system at the time of death
    2) recent consumption (within hours) of methamphetamine prior to death
    3) no evidence of asphyxia or strangulation

    Floyd's girlfriend provided sworn testimony that both of Floyd's vehicle passengers (in the minutes prior to his death) had a history of selling him illegal narcotics over a period of time.

    Approximately 2 months prior to his death in May 2020, Floyd was hospitalized in Minneapolis for multiple days due to a heroin overdose.

    Police bodycam video shows Floyd placing something in his mouth as officers are trying to remove him from his SUV.

    Multiple employees of Cup Foods gave sworn testimony that they believed Floyd was under the influence while he was in the store just prior to his death.

    A search of Floyd's SUV by state investigators found illegal narcotic pills on the driver's floorboard of the SUV, with Floyd's saliva (DNA) present on the pills.

    One of the officers attempting to restrain a combative Floyd, can be heard on bodycam audio telling his colleagues that Floyd may be under the influence of PCP.

    The ambulance driver testified that when first arriving on the scene, he parked, exited the vehicle, and walked back along where the officers were restraining Floyd on the ground. He testified that Floyd appeared to be propped on his left side at the time.

    Based upon the evidence presented to-date, Officer Chauvin cannot be convicted of any of the 3 charges brought against him by the state. Not unless the jurors ignore the evidence.

    1. Wow 941 cracked the case! Are you a juror, 941 or just some Who Gives a Fuck Twat with an opinion that doesn’t matter?

    2. I have watched every day.so far I'm pretty sure the state is winning the case against the cop. When the expert witnesses testify, then we'll see what happens

  7. @9:41 The combined power of 14 lawyers and the State believes otherwise. Non experts are currently giving there non expert opinions. The elephant is not a fair trial for an individual but Black revenge for all inequities from distant past to current date.

    The jury must know and fear they will be doxxed at some point and will be open to retaliation from the inclusive and tolerate demographic if they don't vote to convict on a murder charge. Thus will definitely influence their vote.

    The verdict must agree with the BLM narrative or cities will burn world wide.
    This will happen repeatedly with each cops trial. Can we really afford to pay these welfare recipients to not work then allow them to burn, loot and rob simultaneously? Dalton

  8. Wall E. Weasel4/2/21, 10:17 PM

    "^^Idiot, you get them from your pharmacist."

    Speaking of idiots...

    No, these overdoses are not from prescription medications available from the pharmacy. They are from illegal counterfeit pills that are being passed off as everything from Oxycontin to Xanax to Vicodin. Instead of the expected substance, the pills contain fentanyl - a small amount will get the abuser high, but only a tiny amount more kills. Fentanyl is cheap from out of country suppliers while the real drugs are not. That's why the illegal dealers are doing this.

    You'd know this if you actually lived here. You'd also know this if you actually bothered to read this article.

    But keep on blaming the pharmaceutical companies like you have been programmed to do. Do not investigate any facts and certainly do not attempt to think for yourself. Remain the good little pawn you keep proving yourself to be.

  9. 10:17 Thanks for setting Funk straight.
    Where has this dumb shit been the last few years to not know this? Dalton

  10. President of .....you know...the Thingy4/2/21, 10:45 PM

    Wow, Byron, now you're even using Chimpy's pussy ^^marks.
    Do you, or have you ever had a job? Were you born this way? Why does your bro hate you? Are you Eric Bunch's secret brother?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


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