Kansas City E-Tax Hype Cartoon Redux

The latest animation from city hall offers an old school spin for a youngster narrator.

Again, we don't think it's fair to set up these arguments with people who aren't voting age or with locals who we don't want to fiercely debate . . . Like the elderly.

However, the tactic is to smart and prevents fierce criticism for a tax that passed by nearly 50 points last time around.

Here's the pitch . . .

You decide . . .


  1. the best way to help kc is to cancel the e-tax and force the city to focus on priorities.

  2. vote no is the right thing to do if you actually pay taxes.

  3. Vote "NO"

  4. City government is hooked on e-tax money just like an addict is hooked on heroin. Both will die if they don't get off the junk. And the withdrawal won't be pretty.

  5. the biggest donor,by far, to the E-tax propaganda machine?

    the Democrap greedy Firefighters Union slobs... $125,000..

    they want to keep their scam going...


    WHEREAS, in the year 2020, according to official homicide statistics compiled by the KCPD, Blacks accounted for 61% of all homicide suspects,

    AND WHEREBY, Asians accounted for zero homicide suspects,

    AND WHEREBY, Hispanics accounted for 5.9% of all homicide suspects,

    AND WHEREBY, Whites accounted for 12.3% of all homicide suspects,

    THEREFORE, we the residents of KCMO, do hereby direct the City Manager of KCMO to implement a pro-rata taxing formula upon the legal residents and/or property owners within KCMO to fund the City's KCPD operations in lieu of the currently existing 1% Earnings Tax.

    HITHERTO, pro-rata formula shall reflect the disproportionate tendency toward violence and/or homicidal acts by members of the Black race in relation to their percentage of the population.

    We, the citizens of KCMO, pray for relief and Godspeed.

  7. OTHER cities have no e-tax. Why do we?

  8. Very South Parkish . . . except in this case the cheap animation is not on purpose

  9. It seems the city is trying to make voting difficult this time. I would normally vote next door, but I got a notice I'll be voting a half mile away this time. A friend who lives a mile from me and who would normally vote a few blocks from his house will be voting next door to me, where I normally vote. WTF?

  10. Vote Yes on the Earnings Tax renewal, so we can keep spending tax money on entertainment districts, convention centers, convention hotels, parking garages for luxury condos and apartments, toy trains, stadiums and subsidize underperforming TIF's.

  11. have to admit though, with tiny turnout in municipal elections, targeting elderly voters, who do vote, is a smart move

    and elderly don't work jobs, and thus pay no e tax

    kind of a divisive tactic, but, coupled with the low turnout election, is enough to keep the e tax around our necks

  12. Will the city provide a free outside BBQ buffet and beer for the people waiting in line to vote?

  13. Vote NO for the E Tax. By voting No you will be helping the elderly and less fortunate in KCMO.


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