Kansas City Daunte Wright Protest Postscript: Smallish Group Speaks Out On The Plaza

Aside from a few forays into the street, yesterday's protest march was mostly uneventful and didn't draw much interest so early in the week.

Here's a balanced round-up of the event that pushed anti-police hype via social media without very much real world support . . . Read more:

Kansas City protesters rally for Daunte Wright after Minnesota police shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Protesters in Kansas City rallied in support of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man fatally shot by an officer in a Minneapolis suburb. Brooklyn Center police said Monday the officer who shot Wright during a traffic stop apparently intended to fire a Taser, not a handgun.





  2. The excuse seems legit. Besides, Daunte escalated the sítuation.

  3. The now enforced, unwritten rule in a country where there is no actual rule of law, is that, black felons, are allowed to resist arrest and if they are injured in the process, then the police will be prosecuted in order to keep the BLM/AntiFa/Fascist/Brown-Shirt mob from burning, looting and assaulting citizens.

    We are ruled by a soup de jour interpretation of what BLM/Antifa/Fascist/Brown-Shirt scum extemporaneously decide is the actual law.

    BLM/AntiFa/Fascist/Brown-Shirt scum are, in fact, the de facto law enforcement agency in any city, where they decide to take to the streets. The power they derive from the overt and covert encouragement from the 4th Estate, The Deep State/FBI/DOJ filth, BIG TECH and D卐M☭CRAT snakes fuel the fires of hatred and fly in the face of what used to be common sense.

    Facts do NOT matter.

    The "Hands Up Don't Shoot" "Narrative" tautology, repeated incessantly is the lubrication that greases the wheels on the machine of our destruction.

    There is no one coming to save you white boy and the new America is screaming that they want you dead.

  4. That maybe true, chuck, but the people are tired little shits and are starting to see thru the MSM bullshit.
    I'm not worried. Nothing ever gets too extreme. It will eventually go back to center.
    If it does get to extreme then a counter protest will erupt.

  5. 12:37 I agree, except Mao's quote was never more appropriate.

    "Power stems from the end of a gun barrel."

    This is now more and more frequently coming to blood and going to guns.


  6. Fine you people want to go out and fight the crime why don't you do it then and take the place of the police. But remember this!!!!!! All lives splatter so if this turns into a big deal and the streets are illegally blocked you will splatter. We have had enough of your woke bull shit and ignorance. Take that to your RACIST dumb ass mayor and tell him to dare us.

  7. Death by diversity hire. If the cop who thought she had pulled her taser understood the difference, there would probably have been a different end to this story. She never should have been a cop to begin with. Now, someone is dead because she checked a box.

  8. ^^True. Another worthless individual given power and weapons she clearly wasn't qualified to have. Unfortunately, only stupid people are becoming cops now.


  9. Just watched the press conference in Brooklyn Center with the incompetent mayor.

    It wasn't just a press conference, it was a bitch session for the public, including bloggers (activists) who don't want any tear gas used, or arrests etc.

    A resident asked why do you have armed officers doing traffic stops - the mayor said he doesn't understand why there are armed officers for many things cops are doing.

    This will be a disaster for all communities if this city and others change policing without armed officers, because what will happen is you won't have good cops doing the work you will have incompetent people who will get hurt.

    Again this is yet another democrat led city that will go to shit.....

  10. virtue signaling socialist fucks. Looking at you white guilt JOCO.

  11. If the groups of these "activists" are getting smaller, maybe it's a good sign that natural selection Darwinism might be beginning to work.
    Unfortunately there's still apparently a rather large percentage of the U S population that pretty much buys into anything the media or internet feeds them , so there's still a ways to go.
    And maybe bad news for the cardboard and magic Marker industries.
    Still, progress!
    What's the "issue" today?

  12. ^another kick-ass TKC reader! Further proof this blog should close the comments.

    1. Nah, you're just butthurt from getting your ass kicked.

  13. Looks like a fun group.

  14. They couldn't find their way out of a paper bag! They thought somebody said free smokes!

  15. Who in their right mind would become a police officer? The poor lady copy in MN who couldn't tell the difference between her taser and her pistol made $86k a year. Is it worth $86k a year to get into violent confrontations with a 20-year old thug who is gun-happy and had a warrant out for his arrest? I would do that job for $866k per year!! Get wise, people. Keep a loaded shotgun in your car to defend yourself against the anti-police losers. The good news is that these idiots can barely make it to a BLM rally from their loser, no-pay positions wherever they "work". And the cruel reality is that they are getting their economic asses handed to them left and right...massive student loan debt, inability to buy a starter home (because Biden's inflation is causing building materials to sky rocket), and inability to find a decent job with just a high school degree because our Uniparty politicians decided to outsource every single manufacturing job to China and every single white collar job to India.


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