Kansas City Crime Fighter Alonzo Washington Shared Kylr Yust Murder Case Deets Years Ago

The latest revelations from the double murder trial of Kylr Yust are shocking to many metro news watchers, however they're old news to Kansas City's most prolific crime fighter.

Today, Mr. Washington reminds his followers that he had connected Kylr Yust's half brother to the crime years ago. Take a look . . .

Mr. Washington also shares some shocking deets about Kylr Yusts ex-girlfriends and how they reached out to him via social media. 

Most importantly . . . Alonzo Washington sharing these deets demonstrates that his tipster network was at the forefront of the investigation and actively encouraged and supported quite a few witnesses to come forward with more info that's now part of the trial.

Developing . . .


  1. The weegee board testimony was weird. Actually, if that's the best the prosecution has then there's a good chance Kylr might walk.

  2. In other news Alonzo Washington reveals he knows where Judge Crater is.

  3. And yet girls were turned on by these guys. Weird.

  4. Awlde Gurls jest LUUUves de"Bad Boiz"!

  5. SWALLONZO is a LEGEND in his own mind.

    LEGEND Taliferro was a 4-year-old killed in a drive-by shooting.

    Malcolm Johnson was killed after shooting a police officer at a BP gas station in March. He had previous charges for murder, assault, and illegal gun possession. Johnson was related to the family of Legend Taliferro.

    Jackson County Prosecutor JP Baker has failed to safeguard the public by following an agenda of soft-on-crime diversion programs, "restorative justice" initiatives, siding with BLM/anti-police rioters, and failing to file charges and/or dropping cases against violent offenders.


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