Kansas City COVID Vaxx Still Racist?!?!

Not really, in fact the effort to vaxx the East side dominates headlines every morning.

However, this low-rent local outlet continues to beg for donations in order to propagate alleged disparity.

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Kansas City community groups working for COVID-19 vaccine equity - The Beacon

Hosting COVID-19 vaccine events in Black churches. Playing video interviews with physicians at barber shops. Canvassing neighborhoods to fill vaccination appointments. These are just some of the ideas that Kansas City organizations are asking for or planning on to foster Black communities' trust in COVID-19 vaccines.


  1. “Thank you, Almighty Lord, for giving Donald J. Trump to America in a time of great need to deliver a COVID vaccine in record time through his Operation Warp Speed because of his business management expertise and can-do attitude. Amen.” – Basement Biden after being given truth serum


  2. So now the COVID vaccine is racist? That makes no sense. Black people are so weak they act like little babies who didn't get the first or the biggest cookie. But yet they are on line right now threatening our country that if the Chauvin isn't sentenced to their liking they are going to burn down cities......AGAIN. That's a terrorist threat and do you see the FBI doing something about that? NO It seems today it's the right of passage for blacks to be killers and terrorists. Black people really are unstable.

  3. Everything Kansas City is racist. Doesn't stop at the killer VAXX.

  4. Equity? You better break out the incentives/benefits (food, cash, universal income, etc) if you want to vax blacks. They are already sceptical of the shot, don't value life (as witnessed by the murder rate), and looking for the dems to come through with all the goodies promised in the last election cycle.

  5. It wasn’t until the great arrowhead mass vaccination event that people outside of the hood could get vaccinated, the entire vaccination program was for months only in the hood, thank god hyvee, cvs and other places like those started getting the vaccines to give to regular folks. The black community has had their asses kissed throughout this whole thing and they still continue to turn it down.

  6. I had one of my co-workers go on a rant today that kc isn’t getting their fair share, I shut his ass down by showing him that not only has kc been getting it, kc has given out the second most doses in the entire state. Case closed.

  7. Vitamin D is pigment related. Look it up and learn.


    "So far, while Black people make up 11% of Missouri’s population, they only make up 7% of the population vaccinated. That’s distressing when data shows Missouri’s Black and white populations have suffered the same rate of COVID-19 deaths — 167 per 100,000 people."

    The LIBERAL media reports that this is a big problem.


    (a deadly record for the Quinton Lucas administration)

    77% or 123 of the 160 identified homicide suspects were Black.
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 28.2% of KCMO residents are Black/African American. This is NOT an EQUITABLE distribution.

    The LIBERAL media doesn't think this is a problem, in fact, they won't even report the facts or discuss this topic.


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