Kansas City COVID Restorative Justice Forgives Thousands Of Warrants

Local violence, crime and homicides continue to match last year's record breaking total. Meanwhile, local leaders advocate fewer penalties clogging up the overburdened municipal court system.

Nonprofit partisan news unsurprisingly endorses the idea . . . Read more:

KC court's pandemic program dismisses 5,000 warrants - The Beacon

The Kansas City Municipal Court is one of the busiest in the metro, seeing 1,000 to 2,000 visitors a day who need to pay fines on parking tickets or deal with warrants they've received. The pandemic temporarily shut it all down, creating a backlog of thousands of cases.


  1. So what if the Municipal Court dismissed 5000 warrants? Big deal. Jean Petersucker Baker dismisses that many felonies in about a month. Jean Petersucker Baker will do whatever it takes to avoid sending a hood rat criminal to prison.

  2. 7:15 is lying.

  3. They weren't going to show up anyway.

  4. Yeah, this is going to end well.

  5. Liberal based Society, promote the Criminals, tax thee fuck out of the successful. Waste all the tax money on stupid shit. Hasn't worked at any other location on Earth. Certain that KC will be the first.

  6. It would be more accurate to call "restorative justice" ensuring repeat offenders.
    KCMO seems determined, starting with Mayor McKneely, to repeal or ignore every law it can and pardon any offenders of those statutes or ordinances it can't get rid of.
    And if anyone imagines that this approach is looked at as anything other than a sucker's deal by the perpetrators, they really haven't been paying attention for a very long time.

  7. Don't worry, Biden is getting the camel's head into the tent and in the foreseeable future, just like in all totalitarian countries where the Fascist scum "Regime" is rightfully afraid of the people they rule over, we will not be able to defend ourselves from the filthy criminals that are actually the tip of the spear in the war against the middle class.


    Anarcho-Tyranny is the purposeful chaos unleashed on the middle class, along with public tax policy, open borders and incessant calls for the destruction of white people at all levels in all disciplines in all strata of society in order to effect the new RE SET.

    It is an Orwellian nightmare on steroids. The lies, obfuscation, gas-lighting and agitprop from the 4th estate, the fiat government enforced by the illegally elected executive standing on the shoulders of the Deep State, aided and abetted by BIG TECH is the power behind the D卐M☭CRAT party, the now Uni-Party.

    The Constitution is a "Living Document". Fuckin horse fuckin shit. Translation, the Constitution is interpreted by the aforementioned powers on a soup-de-jour basis under the every changing exigencies of the D卐M☭CRAT party, whose existential goal never changes - COMPLETE AND TOTAL POWER (One ring to rule them all.)

    These cocksuckers make Sauron look like Winnie the Pooh.

    You have NO Constitutional rights and THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW.

  8. 6:46...thanks Jim.

  9. BLM-Anti Fa are state supported terrorists who get out on bail, after burning federal property and attacking Law Enforcement, while people who trespass at the people's house the capital are in jail for months with no bail.

    Petersucker would hold you without bail, just like the Nazis in D.C.

  10. This should count as reparations.

  11. Meanwhile, for those of you who work and pay taxes; Jackson County and KCMO will come after you with a vengeance if you do not pay your property taxes or speeding ticket.

    The United States is definitely now in an Orwellian world.

  12. ^^You can always move bitch. Why don't you instead of boring us to death with this babyshit drivel?

    1. Poor Chimpy is a zoo inmate and can't move! Sad, sad Chimpy.

  13. The Chuckster is right on all counts. Educated and well read, he states the commie conspiracy going down that only the illiterate cannot see.


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