Kansas City COVID Memorial Tonight

Here's a glimpse at another event to commemorate local victims of global local plague and provide metro elected officials the spotlight to share their condolences to the aggrieved. 

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Kansas City Remembers Those Who Lost to COVID-19 In a United Tribute

KC COVID-19 Memorial Tribute to be held at the National WWI Museum and Memorial April 10th

The City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department invites you to join us Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 7:30-9:30 p.m. for the KC COVID-19 Memorial Tribute at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. This FREE event is in recognition of National Public Health Week, which is April 5-11.

Candles will be placed along the Museum and Memorial’s Mall, representing each person lost to COVID-19 in Kansas City, Missouri. Visitors will be able to drive thru the Mall and hear a program broadcast through the radio on FM 100.5 as they pass by the lit candles. This program will include words of encouragement from Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, U.S. Representative Emmanuel Cleaver II, and Bert Malone, with the Missouri Public Health Association and songs by the Kansas City Women’s Chorus. This is a time for all of us to remember those who lost their lives during this pandemic. This Tribute is a partnership between KC Parks, Missouri Public Health Association, and a citizen committee.

To date, there have been 548 lives lost in Kansas City, Missouri due to COVID-19. Nationally, more than half a million lives have been lost from this pandemic. As part of this United Tribute, the Downtown Marriott Hotel will be illuminating their building in the motif of a candle in honor of those who have lost their life due to COVID-19. Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral and St. Mary's Episcopal and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception will be ringing their bells at 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening, other churches are encouraged to join in. The Water Tower at Tower Park and Meyer Circle Seahorse Fountain will be lit red to honor those who lost to COVID-19 and the Northland Fountain will be dyed red as well.

"This memorial will provide a dedicated space for our community to grieve and remember those we've lost in this difficult year," continued Mayor Lucas. "As we continue standing together to beat COVID-19, we can all honor those we've lost by preventing more COVID-19 tragedies in our community. With more Kansas Citians receiving the vaccine each day, we can finally see the beginning of the end to this tragic pandemic—but we still must do all we can to protect our friends, families, and neighbors, such as wearing masks, washing our hands, and staying home when we feel sick. I look forward to the day that all Kansas Citians are safe from COVID-19 and we can truly begin to heal."

Set up begins at 3 p.m. Saturday April 10

Gates to Mall entrance will be closing at 3 p.m. and reopening at 7:30 p.m. to start program
Entry through Wyandotte Street ONLY (Main Street entrance closed due to construction


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  1. By end of 2022, 750,000 Americans will have died of Covid19. And Trump couldn't ever bring himself to say 4 words : "please consider wearing masks".

    Yes the "great strong caring rich" President could not say those words while he was in office and on TV. He is weak and cowardly.

    1. Probably not as weak as President Houseplant, who can barely make it through a sentence.

  2. Hey 4/10/21, 3:06 PM - Trump lost the election but he's still living in your head 24/7 isn't he?

    Even though the entire country realizes your articulate new president is basically a vegetable, you personally don't feel comfortable saying anything negative about him....so you continue to remind us that you still have Trump butthurt.

    Bless your pathetic little heart.

  3. seems like a lot of people dying under Biden right now.... what the hell?

  4. Trump WON !

  5. Fauci said not to wear masks early in the process. Biden said stopping all those flights from China and Europe was Trump being racist.

  6. “Thank you, Almighty Lord, for giving Donald J. Trump to America in a time of great need to deliver a COVID vaccine in record time through his Operation Warp Speed because of his business management expertise and can-do attitude. Amen.” – Basement Biden after being given truth serum

  7. The COVID vaccine has been officially renamed the "Trumpcine" by the scientists and others involved in Operation Warp Speed to honor the man who made it all possible in record time.


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