Kansas City COVID Head Check 2021

An important glimpse at an often overlooked issue . . . Mental health amid the pandemic.

On the TKC low-end . . . We notice that quite a few folks are a lot more angry than ever before and it's even easier to get in pointless arguments with strangers. On the bright side, there are a precious few people who remain patient with their fellow humankind and realize that nearly everybody on the street is having a tough time in one way or another. 

Here a highlight from the description . . .

"For more than a year, COVID-19 has dominated headlines as it has steadily killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Behind the scenes, another deadly illness, already worsening dramatically in recent years, has spread like wildfire during lockdown. Kansas City PBS shines a light on this continued threat with The Hidden Pandemic, a documentary focusing on the lives of Kansas Citians navigating mental illness. Through personal interviews with patients and the health care professionals who treat them, The Hidden Pandemic uncovers challenges faced on the journey to improving and maintaining mental health."

Take a look . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Make no mistake about it. Our so called "leaders" and "experts" (Like that fuckin idiot Dr. "I have been wrong about everything" Fauci.) have sacrificed our economy, our future, our health and coined us into gold by way of the lies, disinformation, obfuscation and propaganda in search of the great Re - Set.

    Covid is, as Jane Fonda said, a gift to Progressives.

  2. ^^OK Biscuit bitch. Go to work!

    1. Dr. Chimpy! Great! Maybe you can give us some monkey science as a rebuttal.

  3. Exactly, Chuck. I also wish we could stop calling them "progressives." They are the exact opposite. Regressives.

  4. ^^whaaa!! Everybody who disagrees with me is wrong!!! Whaaa!! Everyone should think like I think!!! Whaaa

  5. 11:44 probably misses the irony of his own comment.

    No doubt a KCPS grad.



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