Kansas City COVID GOTV Week In Review

A low turnout election will soon decide the fate of Kansas City Public Schools and the earnings tax. 

Accordingly, local journalists hope to refocus the conversation on hyperlocal issues. 

Here's their story . . .

"Nick Haines, Linda Wagar, Eric Wesson, Pete Mundo and Lynn Horsley discuss next Tuesday's election in KCMO which includes votes for renewing the earnings tax and four seats on the school board, the expansion of vaccine eligibility in Kansas and Missouri and addressing the associated costs, Gov. Kelly being at odds with counties over mask mandates, Missouri Medicaid expansion & transgender rights."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. scintillating.

    if they said it on kcpt, do the opposite.

  2. Actually, there's a great segment about the school board at around the 8 minute mark. So far the best coverage that I've seen in KCmo. Thank you for posting.

  3. Kcmo resident...if kcmo has money for reparations kcmo doesn't need the etax. Voting no.

    But realize the timing of the reparation resolution is just another dem vote buying tactic.

  4. Did they talk about a black supremacist attacking the Capitol and killing a police officer?

  5. No one is on the edge of their chair wondering about the reults of the upcoming election.
    The KCPS board will continue to be occupied by incompetent self-serving clowns, even though some of the names may change.
    The e-tax will be passed overwhelmingly, mostly by special interests who get the money and clueless "civic boosters" who dream about the good old days when they shopped at EBT and dressed up for Easter.
    And the tax money will be wasted on nonsense, upside-down priorities, and empty "projects" and "programs" by the like of Lucas and the council gang.
    Doing the same things, the same way, with the same people.
    Only in KCMO is that called progress.

    1. And 10:04 will still be here whining bitterly

  6. Excellent comment at 10:04 AM. True and sad.

  7. 9:29 comment

    Hmm, no, somehow liberal KCPT didn't have the time or interest in reporting that story.
    But they sure have been interested in that Minneapolis case from May 2020, as it fits their narrative of: anti-police, anti-White, Blacks are forever victims, Black criminal drug-abusers should have priority over law-abiding professional police officers.

  8. 10:04 nailed it. This city has an unbelievably low voter turnout, which is part of why City Hall never gets anything fixed but instead lines its pockets with TIF projects. We moved here from Chicago for a job 25 years ago, and spent our first year in Missouiri--HA! We moved to Kansas so fast it would make your head swim. No snow clearance that whole first winter. The Kansas side of town is like another country. Even ethnically. So if you are unfortunate enough to live in KCMO, please get out and vote!

  9. 3/5 of these people don't live in KC and don't know anything about our city.

  10. Hey, 1:30, how many don't live in KC *because* they know it so well?


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