Kansas City COVID Cont'd Week In Review

This was a challenging week for the cowtown discourse and mainstream journalists do a nice job in handling a discussion of the major issues.

Reality . . . We like this local conversation because it's a bit more candid than usual.

Preview . . .

"Nick Haines, Mary Sanchez, Pete Mundo, Dave Helling and Eric Wesson discuss the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial and how it may impact local police policies, Mayor Quinton Lucas' surprise announcement about his marriage and baby, the resignation of the Missouri Health Director, key issues in the Kansas and Missouri legislative sessions, the push to address vaccine hesitancy & green initiatives."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Would rather just hear Tony's opinion on all that stuff and skip the video.

  2. They edited the shit out of Wesson at 6:36 - he had to have said something not in keeping with the agenda (MSM,progressive,woke,BLM,etc).


    A politically-Liberal "news" propaganda program that is ALWAYS dominated by local Liberal Democrat media. If not entirely excluded, any potential panelist espousing Conservative/Republican/Independent views will find themselves outnumbered 3:1 by Liberals. This is done purposely EVERY WEEK by KC PBS and Nick Haines. They openly practice discrimination!

    Case in point:
    Dave Helling - Liberal KC Star editorial board member
    Mary Sanchez - Liberal former KC Star editorial board member
    Eric Wesson - Liberal KC Call editor
    Pete Mundo - Conservative radio program host
    Nick Haines - host employed by Liberal KC PBS to promote their agenda

    Blame those who fund this skewed media propaganda:
    Dave and Jamie Cummings
    Bob and Marlese Gourley
    Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust, John H. Mize/Bank of America trustees

  4. Helling is so out of touch talking about coral reefs - US is getting their lunch eaten by China and he is tripping over NOVA specials on the environment.

  5. Oh yes they're pushing the Commufascisocialist agenda which, of course, all conflict with each other (but go on thinking it). KCPT is starting a new show called "Chucklowe Week in Review," however, which is thirty minutes of retards beating rocks with sticks. Tune in, guys! It's gonna be more your speed.

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/24/21, 11:20 AM

    Unemployed gay momma's basement BLM imbecile or tree dwelling fat flea eating bonobo Chimpy libtard troll, is awake and active.

    Be prepared for amazing progressive stupidity. Remarks may include such terms as: chucklowe, CHUD, geezer, racisssst, MAGAT, Maude, boomer, Trumptard and weird. Often starts with two or more silly little ^^ marks. Also, very often pretends to be someone else complimenting and supporting his own prior inane posts. It's obvious when this happens, as nobody thinks they're clever.

  7. ^^Blow me while I shit CHUD!

    1. That’s what your Mom has been doing to you your whole life. Don’t project that on to others. I have an idea for you. How about looking for one of those things called a JOB this week?

  8. The Snach is back...'when I was a HS athlete' - when was that honey? 1937?

  9. It may not be clever to call out you mouthbreathing morons but it has to be done.

  10. it's not clever because you never are, while some of the morons sometimes are.

  11. Weird Unemployed Socialist looks for more handouts and still can't properly use commas.


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