Kansas City COVID Buffet Comeback?!?!

A local guide to local cuisine that ALWAYS involved a bit of risk.

Money line:

As far as the KCMO Health Department is concerned . . . Buffets are back on the COVID-safe menu. Michelle Pekarsky, the department’s Public Information Officer, confirmed customers can even serve themselves from buffet stations now—as long as they’re masked, and as long as the restaurant sanitizes “serving/eating areas & objects every 90 minutes at minimum.”

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When can we return to buffets?

Taj Palace. Kansas City, MO. // Photo by Chase Castor High up on my list of wild post-pandemic fantasies-somewhere between being trampled in a concert hall and kissing strangers on the mouth-is eating lunch at an Indian buffet. I miss the opulence of hotel pans brimming with masoor dal and malai kofta.


  1. It seems to me things are more lax now that there is a mutated fourth wave coming, than there was during the first wave that was suppose to only be a week long. Why is that?

  2. REALLY? REALLY MICHELLE? should i bring my OWN serving utensils or is someone going to stand there with new ones or sanitize between the last customer and me? and don't even pretend that surfaces are safe!!!! why is every grocery store sanitizing the baskets and buggies, door handles, you name it!!!!! this is a stupid press release especially from dr wrecks department! you have no idea what you are doing, just sending mixed messages to please whose salad bar or buffet it will help, cronyism the likely decision behind this!

  3. Surfaces are safe. The science is settled. Forget Indian food, I have been hankering for a Chinese buffet for a long time.


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