Kansas City COVID 2021 Guide To Progressive Restaurant Etiquette Debuts

Even the exceptionally polite traditions of this cowtown will not satisfy the politically divisive American political climate.

And so, nearly every social interaction is a potential battle in the current MSM culture war. The only exception seems to be the quick exchange of cash for slop in a Styrofoam container. OR, ugh, cooking at home.

For brave souls willing to endure this culinary comedy of manners . . . Here's help for patrons looking to impress, serve as an ally and advocate for their servers in exchange for overpriced avocado toast . . . For those who haven't already lost their appetite . . . Read on:

One restaurant owner reflects: How can we be better diners in a post-COVID world?

The pandemic has shown us just how fragile the restaurant industry is, shining new light on decades-long conversations about everything from tipping and healthcare to increasing equity and access within the industry. As a follow-up to our March 2021 issue, we're asking local restaurant professionals to reflect on the year that changed everything - and where we go from here.


  1. "For a while, COVID was the reason we weren’t full-service, but now, even if we wanted to go back to that model, we just don't have enough people to do that yet in a way that we would feel good about."

    Ya think maybe the Cloward-Piven D卐M☭CRAT government that is paying people to sit home might have something to do with this?

    "I think this is a really ripe opportunity to reset the expectations of people, and provide them with some guidance on what we expect from them as customers. Think of it as a re-education."

    Hey Pol Pot, we don't need re-education, we need the truth and your lies about the Covid and the efficacy of the "Slave Mask" the problem not regular everyday Americans wanting to be free of your subjectively assigned "Thought Crimes".

    Avoid at all costs, business' that cave to the "Narrative".

  2. choke on a sack of dicks

  3. 8:47 is exactly right. Say no to the security blanket on your face

  4. The masks need to go. If you haven't been vaccinated or gotten COVID and are afraid to get it, then feel free to wear a mask and stay a prisoner of the Libtards.


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