Kansas City Confronts Snow Fear This Week

Recently, the U.S. and China are apparently working together to confront global climate change. Sadly, any progress will be too late to address this year's typically weird cowtown Springtime weather.

With respect to the fact that Kansas City weather newsies are traditionally wrong . . .

Check news of the sky falling or snow falling from the sky . . . Read more:

April snow increasingly likely Tuesday

April snowfall is not horribly uncommon altogether, but it's not something we're always banking on. In fact, April 20th has a daily record of near 3″ of snowfall. Why we chose that day? Of course, we are expecting a bit of snow Tuesday. As we prepare to be Weather Aware Monday night into Tuesday, we'll [...]


  1. ^^^We know it's not you posting if it doesn't include your photo. So you can stop reminding us. It's becoming tedious.

  2. Oh no! Global warming is gonna kill us all! Hahahahaha!

  3. I'm not worried about the snow because I wear my security blanket right on my face.

  4. Quinton Lucas4/18/21, 1:54 PM

    All city services will be shut down Monday at Noon so that we can adequately prepare for this winter storm. All services will resume in full on Monday, May 3rd.

  5. Ooooof, that Chauvin protest is gonna be mighty cold. Bundle up bitches.


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