Kansas City Confronts April Snowpocalypse

Newsie gimmick to draw in viewers for reasons that don't involve threats to the republic, the decline of Democracy or tasteful cleavage cleverly displayed by hottie anchor ladies.

Take a look . . .

Winter's Last Stand: Winter weather advisory issued for Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- You might want to keep an umbrella handy Sunday evening if you'll be outdoors, as we can't rule out a brief shower or some sprinkles making their way through the area. They won't be widespread by any means, but you could still see a few drops on your windshield.


  1. Global warming again?

  2. ^^Yes. This is exactly the case for global warming you dumbfuck. Maybe if you knew how to think critically, you could understand that. Alas, you only know what Faux News tells you to think, so you post dumb shit like this. You exalt in your ignorance you fucking simp.

  3. No, it's not, YOU dumbfuck. Late season winter storms are fairly common in this part of the country, and have been for as long as records have been kept. Climate change is real, and reactionary assholes such as yourself make it harder to convince the doubters with your own misunderstanding of what is happening.

  4. Won't bother me 11:19 asshole. I'll be long dead by that time, and looking around the "woke" world, and especially here, I don't give a shit. I don't see very much worth saving that far down the line. Anyway, the sun goes Nova in about a billion years and that kinda "climate change" is gonna fry Earth to a crisp. So fuck you.

  5. ^^Promise? Will you really be dead soon?? Yay! Can't fucking wait!!!! The world doesn't change until the Boomer fucktard nation dies off. We pray for it daily!

  6. Will Channel 9's Katie get her nipples all hard over this storm?

  7. ^^^^we could only hope!


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