Kansas City Blogger: Bring Politics To Pulpit

A bold proclamation from a mild-mannered newsman offers historical context and scriptural reference to support this thesis.

Here's my favorite passage . . .

In Christianity, the history of being political in proclamations goes back to Jesus and to the very first creed of the infant church: "Jesus is Lord." What that said to the Roman rulers of the Holy Land at the time was that Caesar was not lord. There could be nothing more political at the time than concluding that and announcing exactly that.

Sadly, political preaching risks dividing Americans even further given that few of us agree on government and the faithful seeking refuge in houses of prayer might not appreciate the intrusion. 

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Preaching must be political -- just not partisan

In some ways the jobs of opinion columnists and preachers are quite similar: Both must try to find what is -- or at least seems -- true and share it with readers, listeners or viewers. Columnists, however, are rarely obligated...


  1. Every preacher I ever talked to told me I should quit drinking and doing drugs and fucking so many sluts. They wouldn’t say that if they knew how much fun it is. Poor bastards.

  2. Preaching must be political -- just not partisan

    Tammeus is obviously playing a game of semantics here.

    While it sounds quite nice and impartial to call for non-partisan messaging from faith leaders, this is absolutely not what Tammeus has been practicing for decades.

    You might think that a faith leader quoting from their sacred texts upon the evils of killing the innocent, or following the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah would be uncontroversial, but Tammeus has practiced a cafeteria-style of faith in which the individual may peruse the Bible/Torah/Quran and select only those tenets which strongly appeal to them at the moment.

    This is the quandry for someone like Tammeus who resides within the politically-liberal, Democratic/Socialist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-transgender, open borders, soft-on-crime party led by an old man with dementia, whose son is a drug-abusing wannabe pornographer on the payroll of atheistic Communists.

  3. ^^^^^The 1960s called. They want you back.

  4. How come comments are open about Christianity, but not about the ragheads or the yids?

  5. ^^^^After a comment like that, do you really need to ask gramps? Was Nurse Ratchet late with your oatmeal today?

  6. Billy's idea of "Hard Truths" are D卐M☭CRAT talking points and Progressive agitprop from a Progressive Apparatchik.

    "But preachers who simply recite scripture without using it as a light to expose what is going wrong in the world are simply wasting everyone's time. Which means preachers in all traditions must be in some sense political. Not partisan, but political."

    The lack of self awareness, an attribute common among those holier-than-thou preachers in the Progressive cathedral is on display here in spades.

    "Not partisan, but political."

    Jesus, what fuckin hubris and arrogance from this shill.

  7. 1:32 - Who's Nurse Ratchet? Are you confusing the name with a mechanic's tool?

  8. then yall can start paying taxes

  9. 12:32 ... brilliant

  10. Yes, I attend church to hear a political pulpit. I usually pick churches that reel LGBT 24/7. Because I can't find a church that Reals Straight only chants 24/7.

  11. Our minister talks politics all the time. That's why the membership has plunged over the past few years. Almost all ministers are liberal - at least in the mainline Protestant churches - while they collect their $100,000+ salaries, not including benefits.


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