Sadly, after turning the convention center into a homeless shelter and continuing strict pandemic precautions.  This town loses one of our most beloved traditions that might never return.

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2021 Kansas City Auto Show canceled after carmakers pull out

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The annual Kansas City Auto Show has been canceled in 2021 after carmakers pulled from the event. The Automobile Dealers Association of Kansas City announced the cancellation today, April 2. The group produces the show every year, a tradition for nearly 100 years, organizers said in a statement.


  1. "no bueno"

  2. Mayor Q could not guarantee the removal of the homeless stench and shit stains!

  3. Wall E. Weasel4/2/21, 9:35 AM

    "Mayor Q could not guarantee the removal of the homeless stench and shit stains!"

    It had been moved to the Kansas Speedway some time ago. This move had been in the works long before the homeless shelter at Bartle was ever conceived.

  4. White Supremist removed the Car Show from Bartle 'House the Homeless & Illegals' Hall. This will be part of Mayor Q's campaign for MO Senate seat.

  5. Y’all left out one importent detail to the cancellation.... you forgot mayor mckneely turned it into a illegal alien holding facility remember.

    Or should it be called the joe bidumb and kameltoe hairyass daycare and child development center.

    There’s the reason for the cancellation, you people sure have short memories!

  6. They should have renamed it "The SUV Show". Thats all it was.

    Used to have Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin, Maserati, and one- off custom cars. Now its just teenager style SUV's. And SUV is a term coined by automakers - it used to stand for "Stationwagon Utility Vehicle" but then they changed it to "Sports Utility Vehicle" to sound better.

    Those SUV's have NOTHING to do with sports. They are station wagons. And VW's are NOT sports cars - they are economy cars.

  7. love the anti SUV rant at 10:49

    i bet you and I agree about what pussies jeeps turned into, so far removed from the badass xj cherokee days

  8. 10:49, the Veyron would disagree with being an economy car. That said, yes, the autoshows are a long way from the late 90's with the solid wall of suv. But, that's what people like and drive.


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