The fallout from the deadly police shooting of a teen in Overland Park persists more than two years following the tragic incident.

Accordingly . . . 

Political push back is spreading across the metro and just moments ago a leading activist organization released their demands for the removal of Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez.

Before dismissing the activists, let's not forget that More2 successfully took down the top cop in KCK.

Here's their online petition . . .

Our Open Letter Regarding Overland Park Police Department

Check the money link from their missive . . .

"Following the tragic 2018 killing of John Albers by Officer Clayton Jenison, Chief Donchez misled the public, implying that Officer Jenison resigned while keeping hidden a $70,000 severance agreement. In his formal report, Donchez wrote that Jenison left “Under Ordinary Circumstances.” We cannot accept the killing of John Albers as “ordinary circumstances.”

"In July 2020, as the nation's attention was fixed and conscience reawakened to the racial injustices illuminated by the killing of George Floyd, Overland Park witnessed peaceful demonstrations of support for racial justice, like many communities across the country. Yet, when threats from white nationalists emerged, Donchez chose to crack down on protestors rather than stand up to extremists. We cannot accept bending to the demands of white nationalists."

"Just this month, two officers filed a lawsuit claiming Chief Donchez discriminated and denied promotions on the basis of age, gender, and race. While such allegations will inevitably be dealt with in the courts, they embody a pattern of behavior lacking transparency, accountability, and discipline, which is vital to our community trust and safety. We cannot accept the shadow of multiple scandals hanging over Overland Park Police in a time that calls for bold moral leadership."

"For these reasons, we demand action to remove Chief Donchez."

Links . . .

KSHB: Group calls for termination of Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez amid 'multiple scandals'

WDAF: Demanding Change - Activists join family of teen killed by Overland Park police officer to protest department

KCTV5: Faith leaders, MORE2 demand resignation of Overland Park police chief

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  1. Overland Park is changing.

  2. You're not supposed to sit on that wall!

  3. Helen Mirren would be a great new chief of police.

  4. These complainers, activists, would be doing society a great service if they taught the hood rat thugs the steps to take when receiving commands from a police officer.
    They would be a great help if they taught hood rat daddies the importance of staying with the mamas and help raising the young hood rats.

  5. Stay the fuck out of Johnson County, you fucking lowlife scumbags!!!!!!

  6. Overland Park is quickly turning into Raytown. Miami County is about to get a population boom in the next decade.

  7. If you ever met those two officers that are mad about not getting promoted, you would completely understand why.

  8. These are Kansas City "activists." NOT Overland Park. It says that in the headline.

  9. ^^ An injustice everywhere. More squared has a right to protest. The Chief must go!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. 2:24 STFU. No one listens to your useless, self-promoting garbage. You people are a fucking joke.

  12. Here's a link to send them a nice, supportive comment. I just did, and I feel better now. https://www.more2.org/oppd/?fbclid=IwAR2gJS1SSk1UGLW-iElrzXGuqxFwDKrE4PmEEUWelkG77VZMB-AGiIjP39Q

  13. The leadership of this group is just another bunch of race hustlers masquerading as SJWs.

    It's a testimony to the weak-mindedness of liberals that they can be so easily conned by such transparent frauds

  14. Bri didn't you mean this link?


    I think you did.

  15. Tell the "Activists" to go fuck themselves.

  16. Just another group of "activists", and from KCMO NOT Overland Park, who have allowed themselves to be one-upped by the other mobs who are getting all the TV face time and have been desperately looking for an "issue" that will enable them to attempt relevance by getting in front of the cameras.
    And what a creative "solution" to their "demands".
    Demand the chief of police resign.
    These pathetic clowns can't even come up with something new and different.
    They should be marching around out in front of the derelict apartment where the young KCUR reporter was just murdered by a stray bullet.

  17. When is this butt hurt Karen going to go away ? Her son was acting in away that made him a danger to others, the cops stopped him. Get over it Karen.

  18. She’ll go away when you do CHUD. Your butt-hurt comments are every bit as annoying. Comprehend that cock-gobbler?

    1. Aren't you talking about yourself? Incest appears to be your family jam.

  19. She's taking out her anger against herself on the Police Chief. Not good, lady.

  20. Seems like there's a lot of demanding going on lately. I demand they stop demanding. There! Now I'm an activist.

  21. Same energy applied they could defund the police

  22. She would be better served meditating in church and saying prayers for her son.

    Sadly, he would have done something else as tragic; possibly hurt someone else.

    The police chief and police officers have nothing to do with her son's condition.

    She should be pissed at the mental health professionals her son was seeing if she is going to be pissed at anyone. Sounds like they didn't have his meds right.

  23. Don't these "activists" aka jobless grifters have KCMO homicides to be concerned about?

  24. Would someone please tell these "ministers" that in JOCO we support our police. In this case the kid have a minivan his mother let him have access to knowing full well he had mental problems and Shelia is responsible for what happened to him.

  25. I watched the video. The police were justified.

  26. ^^and yet you're nobody of any consequence or substance, and your opinion doesn't count for shit. Weird.

  27. Fuck the Albers family. Their lunatic son tried to run over a cop and got shot. End of fucking story.


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